Monday, April 16, 2007

Not Picture Perfect

I'm struggling with my phone. I have managed to screw up the online connection and am unable to email pictures from the phone camera. I was able to get one emailed before it died, so that you could at least have a peak at Chinatown. She did turn out rather nicely. I think next time, and for the record, I do plan on knitting another one (I already have the yarn and buttons), I would make a bigger size so that it was more more roomier.

Also, take a look at the Tess Designer Yarns website and look at the Crest of the Wave Scarf/Wrap pattern that I did for them. The picture turned out beautiful of the colors, but I have a better photo on my phone (if I could just access it) of the stitch pattern. I thought it turned out very nicely.

I received some more beautiful Petite Silk in two different colorway kits from her today and we're coming up with an idea for a pattern.

I've been working on the Meg Swansen "Eli Guernsey" and have been plodding along rather slowly since I reached the yoke. Do you find that sometimes you're more particular than others about how a project turns out? Sometimes I become almost too emotionally involved with my projects and spend more ripping them than knitting them.

I also have been playing around with some different embroidery and stitching. I decided to whip out a punch needle design that is coming along. I have no idea what I plan to do with the project afterwards, as it's not exactly the kind of thing I'd put up in my house, I just wanted to give it a try.

I've been a little flighty with my knitting. The weather seems to have me all confused. The beginning of last week, it was brutally cold and snowing, and I wouldn't let the kids out of the house without snow gear, and then today I would have let them out of the house in shorts. I find the fickleness of the weather shows itself in my knitting choices that day.

It feels like this post is rather disjointed and jumpy just like the weather. See, it shows up in my blogging also. Spring and Summer where are you?

Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm officially a Camper

My husband literally fell off his chair when I announced that I was officially a "camper". I'm far from the camping type with way too many squirmish non-camping ways about me. But this year I will be a camper, in the Meg Swansen Knitting Camp way. I just received my email to say that I was in (and my friend Linda-my roommate). I'm so excited. I read the newsletter about what we'll be doing and I think I may have danced around a little and air punched in excitement. I then read what we should take, and repeated above self-congratulatory exhibitions.

In reading the newsletter, I saw that we are supposed to make a nametag to wear during camp, so my mind is racing already with some ideas.

In hopeful anticipation of acceptance to camp, I had purchased some Guernsey wool in navy and am knitting the child's pattern from the latest wool gathering (and dvd). I'm loving it. I'm particularly enjoying this because I grew up close to the Channel Islands and visited there a few times. My parents owned a fish and chip shop and I would go to the Fish Market at the dock with my dad sometims and you would see the fishermen in their guernseys, so the connection to that is making it also quite fun.

I haven't posted in quite a while, so I'll give a little update on the knitting front.

I'm knitting away on the Icarus Shawl in Misti Alpaca in sage green. I started it last week and have been flying away (until the guernsey yarn showed up).

I bagged up tons of my other projects that were just staring at me making me feel very unmotivated to knit. The guilt of unfinished projects can really drag me down.

I have began a very thorough cleansing of the yarn department in my house. No, this time I'm getting it done.

I'm also going through the patterns and magazines and seeing which I want to keep, what I'm interested in knitting and what needs to be 86'd.

I ordered last Thursday at 11:30am the yarn, and dvd for the guernsey and it was here the next day. Now, I know I live close to Schoolhouse Press, but come on, that was impressive turn around. I remembered my mothers advice to always be grateful, and called and said thank you to them.

I'm registering for Stitches, but am definitely not taking the number of classes like last time. jae and Marji will agree, schedule overload last year. It's less than a month after camp, so I'm not sure that I'd want that full of a schedule again also.

Chinatown is completed, and shockingly for me, sewn together. I am in the process of weaving in ends and will then attach buttons. It looks great. I'm very pleased with it.

Any advice??

I've been having very sore joints of my hands lately, especially when my hands get cold, and then I can't seem to get them warm and they ache. Strangely the movement of knitting seems to help them, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice?

I'll try to snap a pic of the guernsey and post it shortly (I'm trying not to wake EB up from a nap - Marji knows how desperately I need EB to nap after our phone conversation on Saturday)

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