Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow progress, but still progress!

Surgery went well last Wednesday, but recovery is a lot slower than expected. First, my body always reacts badly to anesthesia, so they tried to do something a little different but still it throws me for a bit of a loop. The doctors had told me that with this surgery nausea really seems to be a big problem. Throw in the trouble with anesthesia and they thought they'd try to ease it up a little by giving me anti-nausea meds in advance and putting a patch behind my ear for nausea that they use normally for chemo patients. It was working pretty well until I had a reaction to the pain meds the first night and start to itch head to toe. I scratched the patch right off. I even managed to scratch a mole until it is no longer recognizable. No patch meant no help with the nausea. I guess that's one way to lose weight. Not the way I'd recommend though.

We expected recovery to be fairly fast from this surgery, but my body was wiped out from what it's been going through for the past year and a half, and isn't cooperating with my speedy recovery plans. Energy is at a 2 out of 10 at best. The girl who never sleeps, now wants to sleep 12 hours a day and not only wants to sleep, but actually can (apparently surgery is my cure for insomnia - lets hope it lasts). Unfortunately, four kids and that low energy don't mix, so I tried to kick it up a notch today and get more done. My body responded and let me know that it was in control, and caused some problems that the doctor is now telling me to chill out and take it easier.

I'm not a very patient person.

Luckily, I have such an awesome husband. The Cute Guy has out done himself with running crazy amounts of errands, clearing his patient schedule so he could take care of me last week and forcing me to lay down when the dark circles around my eyes made me look like I was trying to impersonate 'The Cure' look. (google the 80's all you young 'uns). I am so lucky to have him in my life. Best thing I ever did - marrying that man 18 years ago.

I've felt so cruddy that I've not knit... at all. The girl who can't stand to sit still and not have her hands busy, has laid in bed, napped, listened to audio books and stared out the window. (Thursday we had a triple rainbow and sun shining after a shower, Friday evening we had four inches of snow, Sunday the sun was shining again and snow all melted and the blossoms reappeared from the covering of snow).

Apparently, I'm not the only one feeling a little peculiar.

Watch this space until the weather and I return for regular programming.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5th

Some days seem to be more important in our lives than others. May 5th is mine!

Some of the most impactful events to my life have happened on that date.

May 5th 1993 - My Nanny Taylor - one of the most lovely and special people I have ever met - passed away suddenly on this date. I was in the states, newly married, and poor, and couldn't afford to fly home to her funeral. It was a very sad time and I was heartbroken.

May 5th 1995 - I found out I was pregnant with our first child, Caleb! We had desperately wanted a child and had been told that it didn't look hopeful for my being able to get pregnant (hard to believe four kids later). I still remember looking at that test in the bathroom and jumping up and down crying and laughing. I quickly jumped in my car ran to the hospital lab and had a blood test to confirm it as I couldn't believe it. I then drove to Steve's work and excitedly told him the news, while he sat in shock listening. He continues to be such a huge blessing in our life, as have the other three special children that have since joined our family.

May 5th 2010 - Today I head off to the hospital for surgery to resolve a medical problem that has been progressively getting worse. For the benefit of my health I have to have an alternative to a hysterectomy that would make it very dangerous to both my health and a baby if I were to get pregnant. So, today, my baby making career ends. It's such a hard thing in many ways to do. I know that I have been blessed with four wonderful kids and have a lovely family. However, I love being pregnant and feeling that baby move inside of me. It is when I have closest to my Heavenly Father as being a tool of his creative powers. I do know it's what I need to do though and am blessed to have the options offered to me that will enable me to be free from the health problems that have plagued me recently. I have an amazing doctor, who is also a friend and I trust him completely.

So, instead of feeling sorry for myself. I am going to celebrate the four miracles that have entered our family, and celebrate the life of my beautifully Nanny Taylor. She continues to be an inspiration to me of strength and courage when faced with adversity.

Next chapter of life, I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Oh Dear

I promised I'd post with some knitting content showing some finished projects, but the day has gotten the best of me. I've been running around trying to get ready for being able to take it easy after surgery - cleaning, cooking, chores, laundry. It's funny that as a mum we have to work extra hard in order to take some time off. Hmmmm, something seems a little off there.

Oh well! Seeing as I never got a chance to take any pics today to post. I'd thought I'd fill you all in on what I need to cast on and get cracking knitting for my camp project. Yes, I get to go gain this year and Jessica and I will be rooming together, but we have promised to act like adults this year and try to calm down our inner 13-year old selves. No really, I put it on the application that we'd grow up for everybodies sake this year.
Last year at camp, I decided that the Lloie Cardigan was on the 'Need to Do' list.

Here's a picture of Jenny the Potter (who was rather pregnant at the time) and her Lloie was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I found myself coveting her cardi and knew it was time to make Lloie my own.

If you recall from post camp photos last year, Jessica and I spent a great deal of serious time selecting colors for my Lloie. (uhhh, look how skinny I was - hate getting older - very frustrating to find yourself growing no matter how much you work out or eat less tiramisu)

Okay, well maybe not that serious, but who could resist those lovely necklaces of yarn?!

Camp is only a couple months away and it's time for me to get that important Show and Tell project on the needles. I'm determined to get it done. So feel free to prod me on a regular basis for updates on Lloie and with your help, Lloie and I will be hanging out at camp together.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Hold that thought

Now, why is my blog titled Knittin' Brit in Wisconsin when there's been so little mention of knitting????? Good question. Well, hold that thought. I promise I'll post something about it tomorrow.

Things have been so hectic here. The dog (thanks everyone who emailed/commented about his health) is doing lots better. Apparently dogs rebound a lot quicker than humans from Lymes Disease. He is responding fast to the medication and you'd never know that he was sick today.

To add to our crazy life/month, last Monday I received a call from the school telling me that Declan (my 2nd oldest son) had been injured during recess and was considering calling an ambulance. I happened to be driving by the school right at that moment and was looking at the kids out on the field, so I told them to hold on as I turned into the driveway. I ran in to find that he was having a hard time breathing. He had been playing football and after a play had gone for the ball as had his friend. They were laughing as they were both trying to get the ball. His friend put Declan in a headlock. Still they both thought they were pretty funny. Declan tried to arch his back to get away and then there was a loud cracking-popping noise. All around heard it. His friend let go immediately as the noise scared him and Declan collapsed to the ground and couldn't get up.

I checked him out and decided I would drive him myself. The school had been concerned it was his neck as he said that his neck hurt when he moved it, but after calming him down I discovered it was mainly his upper back and chest that hurt the most. I took him to the Walk-In and they quickly did xrays. Apparently he had dislocated a rib, but it looked like it had popped back, but he had also fractured his sternum. The radiologist was very concerned as the injury didn't make sense considering how it happened. The sternum is supposed to be a lot stronger than fracturing because someone arches their back and especially concerning as he is a child and his bones should be less likely for this kind of fracture. It would have taken usually a much harder direct impact to the chest to cause a fracture like this. Usually they see this in a child when he was sat in passenger seat of a car and the air bag goes off. The Radiologist recommended we immediately follow up with his doctor for further tests to check his bones. He's had a lot of test so far and has more to come. Next week he has a bone density test which should maybe give us some answers. I'm not worried though. I'm sure he'll be fine. The cute dentist is very worried about his little guy though.

The following day, Ethan (our five year old) experienced his first all-out migraine, with vomiting, flashing lights and intense pain. He's a little young for a migraine so again they wanted to check him out.

Between Declan's tests, Ethan's tests, and my pre-op appointments (did I mention I'm having surgery on Wednesday - we'll talk about that another time) I spent a ridiculous amount of time at the doctors last week and precious little time getting any knitting done or sewing.

So today I've been sewing like crazy to get some bee blocks finished and sent out, and all caught up, plus lots of chores done so that I can rest after surgery.

But..... tomorrow, I WILL have knitting content for you. I do so solemnly swear!!!!!!!!!! ... maybe!