Friday, December 14, 2007

Mittens in Full Exposure

Finally, I have set aside my ego and am posting pics of the Rosebud Mittens.
The bottom is supposed to be hemmed and you can either knit it together or sew it. I chose to sew as I just wanted to keep knitting and couldn't be bothered to pick up and knit together. I'll probably regret that decision later when I'm all finished except for the wrist lining.

I started on a size 2 needle, which got the gauge specified in the pattern in stocking stitch, then around the 3rd leaf, I decided to give the size 3 needle a try as I had a 18cm circumference instead of a 20cm. Fortunately I have skinny wrists/hands. I stopped knitting on it for a few days because of busy family holiday events and a couple gifts that needed to be whipped up.
The picture above is a little blurry (this is the part with the size 2 needles), but you get a close look at the stitches and can see how even/uneven they are. That's where I came to a standstill; when I started to critic my tension. I do this every time when I do color work.

Here's a picture where I've used the size 3 needles. I can't decide if it looks much difference. The stitches are a little bigger, but I think they look less even.
Here's the palm. So.... what do you think? Am I over scrutinizing my work. Do I just keep going? Frog it and re-knit it all on size 3 needles? Relax?

(BTW: Carrie K, I did exactly the same thing as you and posted the pics only to discover a mistake I had missed)

I really enjoy knitting these and I completed this much of the mitten in an hour or two. Why do I take away the joy from my knitting by scrutinizing each stitch? I'm happily knitting away and then I start to stress about whether I'm doing a good job or not. I think I've taken too many technique classes and need to get over it.

So, tell me what do you think?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mitts & Mittens Everywhere

Okay, so that whole "week of posts" kind of fell through, but at least I tried.

I finished Beth's Princess Mitts. They turned out nicely, but it wasn't my favorite pattern to knit, so it probably won't be repeated. Update on Beth - she had surgery last Friday and is recovering and back at work as usual. If you haven't done so yet, check out some of her patterns on her website, she has some beautiful patterns. Chinatown is one of my favorites - to knit and wear.
Yesterday the mailman delivered two new mitten kits from Leena at Riihivilla. I had her change the colorway on the Oak Tree kit to the Forest Selection. The other kit I ordered was the Tulip kit, which colors I kept the same. I'm eager to start these but need to rip and re-knit the other kit I had purchased from Leena, I think I need to go up a needle size.
I also cast on and should be finished this morning with a pair of Fetching mittens that are a quick instant gratification project. I like the Princess yarn in this pattern more than the Princess Mitts. I'm thinking of whipping out a pair of Dashing next for one of the boys. Partially for comparison sake of the patterns and partially because I promised them I'd knit them some soon.

Yesterday when I dropped the kids off at school, the temperature was -10F (yes, that is negative ten degrees) not factoring in the windchill. D was furious that they actually made them stay inside for one of the recesses and M still took some convincing that it was cold enough for her to wear a sweater and a coat. After dropping them off, I was thinking about whether fingerless mitts are really a good idea for Wisconsin winters, as come January you can get frostbite while shoveling your snow. Maybe triple lined felted wool mittens with pockets for heat warmers are more in line with our weather. Mmm... That's an idea, forget pockets on the mittens for ipods, what about pockets inside for heat warmers.....