Thursday, February 25, 2010


Before the Cute Guy and I head out of town for the weekend early tomorrow morning, I had to take my oldest son (14y) to the mall to get some new jeans and a new suit (Solo Ensemble is this weekend and his choir likes them to dress nice - his was getting a little on the snug side). After getting the rest of his shopping done, we headed to get his new suit. I was sure that he'd be able to get one in the young men's section. He tried a 14, then a 16, then 18, then 20 - the max size in young men's. As I stood there looking at the little toddler and little boy tee shirts and realizing that I had to head to the Men's Suit Department to find something to fit him, I burst into tears. He's not a little boy anymore.

Then as he found a suit (and not the smallest men's suit either) that fit perfectly and didn't need any tailoring, I started to cry again and how he really looked like a (dare I say it) "Man" now. The sales clerk stared at me and my son showed how special he really was. He didn't try to hide from me or shush me, as most teenagers would, or die from embarrassment. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and told me "I'm still your little boy; always will be. It's okay." So I cried some more.

The added bonus was the sales clerk must of thought I was out of my mind and decided to give me all kind of extra deals that weren't supposed to be available until Saturday and then gave me an extra 25% off everything - just because!

But having a special son who loves his mum unconditionally and isn't embarrassed by her sobs - Priceless!

Now, must get back to the packing and then knitting of the sleeves... tick tock, tick tock - time seems to be creeping up on me in all aspects of my life!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fly By

I'm doing a quick fly-by as I must get back to knitting my Ravelympics event cardi. I'm over halfway there, but am not sure how much time I'll have this weekend to finish up as it's my anniversary (and Dental Midwinter meeting) and the Cute Guy and I are heading to Chicago, so I've got to get cracking on it.

I admit, I probably could have achieved a lot more if it weren't for all of the reading I've been doing. Denise recommended The Help, which had been on my list for a while, so with her suggestion I downloaded it to the Kindle and was instantly hooked. I highly recommend it!

Not sure what's next on the reading list, but I have downloaded a few samples to try out including some of the following: The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey; The Postmistress by Sarah Blake; A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick; The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker; House on Tradd Street by Karen White; and Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.

Anyone read any of these and have some reviews? or other suggestions.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Going for Gold

Thank you everyone for your suggestions as to what I should knit for Ravelympics 2010. I still struggled deciding until the very last minute. I thought that I was going to do Lloie until five minutes before the games started, but I was concerned as I didn't want to rush it as I wanted Lloie for my camp project (did I mention, I'm in!!!!!!), so I decided with minutes to spare to switch to the Elise cardigan by Black Purl. It's the perfect project! The gold silk yarn is very motivating in achieving my goal of getting that Gold Ravelympics Medal. I'm 25% completed already!


In addition to the Ravelympic Knitting, I've been squeezing in all the reading I can (again, there are benefits to insomnia I find.) I've read a few books on it now and am looking for some more suggestions of good reading material. Any books you suggest?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Talk about waiting to the last hour. I have been struggling to decide what to do for the Ravelympics and seeing as Opening Ceremony is tomorrow, I better get my bubble butt moving.
I need some help deciding. Please, please, please help me.
Here are the contenders:
Elsie by Black Purl in Tilli Thomas Disco Lights. The picture does not do it justice.

Staghorn by Lisa Lloyd from a Fine Fleece in Mountain Mohair by Green Mountain Spinnery.

Lloie's Cardigan by Schoolhouse Press in J&S

Or maybe I'd just do a bunch of socks. One in each color of the Olympic rings.

Or maybe I'd finish some of the many UFOs hiding out in the house.

Or maybe.....

Help! I need it (obviously, but for once not the psychiatric kind, the knitting decision kind.)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Love

Shhh, don't tell the Cute Guy, but I've fallen in love.

Oh, Kindle, How I Love Thee

Let me count the ways...
  • I have books downloaded in less than a minute

  • Surprisingly I read so much faster on you (I think there should be a study down on why people claim to read faster on the Kindle. I didn't buy it at first, but after reading a couple of books on it. "I'm a Believer")

  • You save me money. Well, you would, if I hadn't started reading so fast and am flying through books.

  • You give me free books. And not just the classics.

  • You fit in my purse and I can read whatever I feel like depending on my mood and don't have to have planned in advance what I'd feel like reading.

  • I can accessorize you! I know, I'm so girly, but what's not to love about having cute covers and skins to protect your Kindle.

  • I can email myself pdf's of my knitting patterns. Yes, you can actually store my knitting patterns, so they don't have to get all crumpled and spotted with chocolate. Yes, I do eat chocolate when I knit, do you have a problem with that? (Oh, apparently my ever growing backside has a problem with that, but I'm going to continue to ignore it)

I've also been knitting away on the Tapestry Cowl that I'm knitting for a class I'm teaching next month. I'm halfway. I'm really enjoying it, but am finding I like one side more than the other. Which is your favorite?

Okay, I still love the Cute Guy. Especially when he takes our cute girl to the Sweetheart Daddy/Daughter Dance.

I guess I'm just full of love!