Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pretty as a Princess

I'm being lazy and am posting a picture of the Princess Mitts that I'm knitting for Beth (at Black Purl - refer to Tuesdays post) that I look last night. I've completed the mitt since, but need to do the thumbs, and they are beautiful. Will post pics when they're completed. I don't think that this pattern flows very well - all the details are there, but it's a little disjointed. They're a simple knit and look lovely, but its definitely a pattern that you should read all of before knitting (not always my strong point) or you'll end up ripping the bloody thing back a few times.
I'm a little frustrated with the lack of knitting time that occurs during the Holidays, which generally is a time where I'm trying to get gifts and serious knitting completed. I was reading Earthtonesgirl's blog today and Denise was talking about how she tries to wrap up all of her knitting projects at the end of the year, so that she can start fresh in the New Year and not have any projects hanging over her year. Doesn't that sound wonderful?! I got all excited and thought how I was going t do the same thing ... and then I started counting up UFO's/WIP's and realized that even if I knit solidly, without sleep, for the rest of the year, that not even half of them would be "wrapped up". So, instead I thought about casting on some more new projects. Mmm... that Logan River Wrap or Irish Hiking Scarf look cute, or what about Oblique...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was about to climb into bed (and watch Project Runway) when I remembered that I still needed to post today. So, I thought I'd take a quick pic of the twins and show you the matching pairs of Maine Morning Mitts.

Although it was suggested that Noro Kureyon wasn't the easiest to make matching items with, I was determined and headed to the LYS. I examined the different skeins of yarn as in the same colorway and dye lot, there were many variations. I selected the one that looked like it matched the previous ball I had knit the mismatched mitts with, and voila!!! Twins! I had whipped up one of the mitts between stops while Christmas shopping, and the other while waiting for an oil change last Monday, but then I'd stalled on doing the thumbs, which is silly as these are the easiest thumbs you'll knit on mittens. The motivation to finish - the fact that I had promised that I would blog today.

These are destined to become teacher gifts. I did try them on and they are a very nice fit. I'd knit me some (the boys really want a pair), but I get bored knitting the same pattern. So, I'll have to find them a different mitt pattern. Thank goodness for Ravelry.

Now, I know this isn't the most interesting of blog posts, but it does have a pretty picture.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had planned on a different post today, for my week of blogging (I know, you don't believe I'm going to do it, do you?), but then I stopped by my LYS, Black Purl and changed my mind. The update on some of my knitting projects will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, when I stopped by the store for yet another pair of size 2 dpn's (one can never have enough dpn's) I found Beth, the owner, with a cast on her arm and looking quite miserable. Beth has rheumatoid arthritis severely although very young and on Sunday as she reached for her toothbrush, two of her fingers broke. She drove herself to the hospital in agony. She will probably have to have surgery shortly. Of course, this means that she can't knit right now (although she was attempting to fix a customer's knitting project when I arrived). Knitting has gotten Beth through a lot of tough times and right now, she can't do that. She'll bounce back, she always does and she'll continue to produce beautiful work.

I feel incredibly blessed tonight to be able to sit and knit, and am grateful for my hands, and the joy of knitting. Take a moment after you read this post to pamper your hands, rub in some lotion, give yourself a manicure, and say thank you to your hands.

Knitting update: I ordered two more kits yesterday from Riihivilla (one customized in the forest selection) and grabbed some Princess yarn today to knit Beth some fingerless mitts she wanted, but is unable to knit for herself right now. The Rosebud Mitten wrist lining and wrist has been knit, although I am debating changing needle sizes. I've been getting a couple of rows in per day for a few of the wip's that have been hanging around for awhile.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I returned home today from a playdate and some errands to find a package on my doorstep today. It was the mitten kit I had ordered from Leena at Riihivilla. Isn't it packaged beautifully (My Treo does not take great pictures). So, of course, I ignored all those pesky chores, dishes and loads of laundry and sat by bum down and swatched the yarn. It's beautiful. Very soft and lovely to knit with. My only dilemma is that I stupidly ordered only one kit. I a nothing, but willing to admit to my purchasing mistake and will rectify the situation by purchasing a kit and color selection once I'm done posting. I suggest you do likewise. Why shouldn't you buy yourself a little holiday gift - I get tired of getting every body else presents.

This week I have quite a few projects to post updates on and some new ones that have been started. So, maybe we'll get more than one post this week. Of course, don't hold your breath.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Misfit Mittens

Ravelry seems to suck up my computer time lately, but that's not a bad thing. I've been inspired to work on a couple of projects that are very close to completion so that I can post the finished items on the site.

I did manage to whip up a pair of Maine Morning Mittens from The Knitters Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes. As you can see from the picture - they don't match. Clara's pattern calls for one ball of Noro Kureyon. While that is sufficient in yardage, because of the lack of repeats in the colorway you end up with very different looking mittens from one ball ofyarn. They are such a fast, fun and easy knit that you could make them in one night, so I'm going to buy another ball of yarn and make another pair, so that they'll match. I'm thinking that these would be great teachers gifts - well, if you live in nice cold Wisconsin that is.

The boys loved them as they thought they'd keep your hands warm but still leave your fingers free to play video games.

I don't really have something wise or funny to write about today (not that I ever do). So, I'll show you what Marji enabled me into purchasing the other day. I went with kit #8, but am forcing myself not to email Leena and order some of the Forest Collection yarn and a couple other kits.

Which reminds me .... I was reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Liz Gilbert this morning and she was talking about how people panic about getting old and not having accomplished everything they want to in life before they die. I think as Knitters we suffer from a different variety of this psychological worry - we suffer from panic attacks over whether we will be able to knit everything we want to in this life. "Oh crap, I'm almost forty and I find at least ten patterns a day that I'd like to knit from Ravelry. Maybe I should sell off some of my yarn or Starmore books and donate the money for finding a cure for the dreaded "lack of knitting time" epidemic."

Maybe, I'll just get a grip and relax and enjoy what knitting time I do have.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Other Wool Pursuits

Last Saturday, I was able to attend an all day workshop at a local Fiber Artist's Studio for a Rag Wool Rug Hooking class. It was wonderful. She lives in the most beautiful setting on a renovated farm with a fiber studio that was delicious. When Kathy (the teacher) left the room for a minute, one of the other classmates and myself felt the need to hug the wool and fondle it. It took all my willpower not to drool on the fabric.

Of course, I couldn't pick something too easy to start with so I'm struggling a little with how to do some of the shading, but here is a picture of what it will hopefully resemble when finished.

The name of her business is Red Barn Rug and she sells her patterns and wool at craft shows and wholesale. I'm attending a 1/2 day workshop on needlefelting this weekend.

I've also been knitting but have discovered that I despise picking up necklines as it always takes me 10 tries until it looks okay. I whipped up a couple of baby hats and some slippers, but am thinking that I need to designate one day a week that is finishing day. That I take sometime to finish the many knitted projects just sat around for the final stage.