Monday, April 19, 2010

Now I'm Really Ticked Off!!!!

Last night, our puppy, Winston was his usual self - getting into all kinds of trouble. This morning he woke up limping and yelping with pain. As the morning went on the pain and limping got worse. By 9:30am my heart was breaking for him. I'd checked him all over and there were no ticks I could see, or thorns, so I called the Vet who told me to bring him right in. (The above picture of his him in the waiting room at the Vets. He doesn't look as sick here as he did in the afternoon. Those sad puppy eyes.)

They did a blood test and my special puppy, Winston, has Lyme's Disease. He was vaccinated last fall, but as I've since found out is fairly common, it didn't work. They gave me antibiotics but didn't want to give anything for the pain as a common side effect of Lyme's in dogs is Kidney problems/failure, and the pain meds could further complicate that.

As the day progressed he's been getting worse, but the Vet said he may get worse before he gets better. I spent a fair amount of the day holding him and snuggling him. The puppy who never stays still barely moved and when he did, he yelped with pain.
I hate Ticks! Of course, I did find out today that we live in the Lyme Disease Capital. Now, do you all see why I love the freezing winters here the most! Then the ticks are all dead.

On a good note... I participated this spring in a Napkin Swap hosted by Lisa from Stitches Under Oaks. My swap partner was Larissa from Stitches In Play. I found this fun fabric that I felt would work for both Spring and Summer, and couldn't resist throwing together a coordinating Dish Towel. Hope she enjoys it! I found I loved whipping out these napkins (although I think my corners suck eggs!) so I've whipped out 12 different yet coordinating napkins for our family. They are such a instant gratification project.

Surely you have some fabric stashed around that you could whip up some for your house.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mum-ME Time

I did get quite some sewing done on some projects this weekend, in addition to lots and lots of not expected running around with the kids. I think I need a t-shirt printed with the following statement: "It's Mum-'ME' Time - Please ask your Father!" I'm sure they'd still ignore it. Oh well.....
I did get some time for me though and went to Johanna May's Fine Tea Shop with a friend. It was delicious. I had some Cherry Vanilla Herbal Tea - which was out of this world, and a wonderful Warm Croissant Sandwich with Turkey and Ham, Havarti Cheese, Granny Smith Apples and Blackberry Preserves. For desert (please note above picture, and yes, I did eat them all and may have possibly picked up every crumb from the plate) I ended with some Petit Fours. Two were vanilla with lemon and white chocolate and two were Black Forest Gateau. The only disappointing thing was that they claimed to have scones with Clotted Cream but admitted to me that it wasn't really Clotted Cream, because they're not allowed to sell unpasteurized dairy products, so they make their own with cream cheese and powdered sugar - which is most definitely NOT Clotted Cream.
It was a lovely place, albeit an Americanized version of a British Tea Shop, but still very enjoyable.
It was such a lovely time and a nice get away. It helped curb a little bit of my homesickness. I really do miss a good tea shop.
What's your favorite tea?

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Free Weekend!

Look what I found today to help me with my freeform quilting! It's a sampler panel with all different quilting designs so that you can practice on it. It was just what I was looking for. There are only so many pot holders a girl can make. I know, I could of gotten some muslin and drawn out the designs myself and saved some money.... blah, blah, blah, blah. Where would be the fun in that?!

For once the weekend isn't too packed, only three scouting things for the boys to attend, but I can talk the Cute Guy into handling that. This weekend I plan on getting lots of sewing in on various projects and block party bee's that I belong to. Now, let's see if I can convince the family to cooperate with my plans.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Why, of COURSE!

I've been really wanting to take my journaling to the next level and have been checking out some books from the library and perusing journaling books at Barnes and Noble.

One of the blogs (ArtsyMama) I read on a daily basis tipped me off to an e-course that Hope from Nostalgic Musings is starting on Journaling. It looks like exactly what I'm looking for.

So, I signed up, of course! Wanna join me?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I love learning! Love to continue to grow and develop my skills and knowledge. If I had my way I'd be a professional student, studying whatever took my fancy.

Last Saturday I had a class at the Quilting Workshop on Freeform Quilting. I'll be honest. I thought I was going to kick some booty. I have studied art and thought it would be a cake walk. I was wrong. That is definitely going to take some practice. I've been trying to practice a 10 minutes every day so that I can get the feel of it.

Tonight I had a class on Borders and Binding. I have issues with borders and binding. Mainly avoidance issues, but from yesterday's post we all know I tend to have some procrastination issues. My main problem with borders and bindings is my desire for it to look perfect and then being frustrated if it doesn't turn out just so. My reason for taking this class was to learn some new tips and tricks so maybe I'd have a little more success. It was a great class and I'm actually excited to put some borders and bindings on some of the projects hanging around.

I predict a lot of Potholders in my future. The perfect project for practicing both techniques.

Any tips?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Keep Calm

Keep Calm...

when I actually post when I say I will.

Keep Calm...

when you have a six and a half hour hair appointment because you're getting hair extensions.

Keep Calm....

when you have five sweaters knitted in their entirety that need to be sewn together (some have been that way for almost two years). I'm committing to you all that I'm going to tuck into these this week and get my procrastinating behind cracking on finishing these once and for all.

Keep Calm.....

when I promised a little something heading out to the first commenter on this blog post.

Keep Calm.....

and Carry On - this is one of my favorite British sayings from the Second World War. Doesn't that just sound so British. I can imagine my Grandmother sitting knitting in the bomb shelter saying to herself - Keep Calm and Carry On (knitting).

The first commenter on this blog post will get this lovely notebook/diary that I found in good old Barnes and Noble. The sayings a little modified (although they do have the original saying on a red journal too). Everything is better with a cupcake!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Marching Right Along

Yeah, I missed an entire month of posting... I was busy living and never quite got around/made the time to blog. Sorry!

Tomorrow, I'll get back in the saddle. Don't believe me? Well, wait and see. First person to comment after I post tomorrow, will get a little something something sent their way.