Monday, April 19, 2010

Now I'm Really Ticked Off!!!!

Last night, our puppy, Winston was his usual self - getting into all kinds of trouble. This morning he woke up limping and yelping with pain. As the morning went on the pain and limping got worse. By 9:30am my heart was breaking for him. I'd checked him all over and there were no ticks I could see, or thorns, so I called the Vet who told me to bring him right in. (The above picture of his him in the waiting room at the Vets. He doesn't look as sick here as he did in the afternoon. Those sad puppy eyes.)

They did a blood test and my special puppy, Winston, has Lyme's Disease. He was vaccinated last fall, but as I've since found out is fairly common, it didn't work. They gave me antibiotics but didn't want to give anything for the pain as a common side effect of Lyme's in dogs is Kidney problems/failure, and the pain meds could further complicate that.

As the day progressed he's been getting worse, but the Vet said he may get worse before he gets better. I spent a fair amount of the day holding him and snuggling him. The puppy who never stays still barely moved and when he did, he yelped with pain.
I hate Ticks! Of course, I did find out today that we live in the Lyme Disease Capital. Now, do you all see why I love the freezing winters here the most! Then the ticks are all dead.

On a good note... I participated this spring in a Napkin Swap hosted by Lisa from Stitches Under Oaks. My swap partner was Larissa from Stitches In Play. I found this fun fabric that I felt would work for both Spring and Summer, and couldn't resist throwing together a coordinating Dish Towel. Hope she enjoys it! I found I loved whipping out these napkins (although I think my corners suck eggs!) so I've whipped out 12 different yet coordinating napkins for our family. They are such a instant gratification project.

Surely you have some fabric stashed around that you could whip up some for your house.


Mary LeMaster said...

Oh I am sooo sorry about your doggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he gets feeling better VERY soon!

Jessica said...

Poor little Winston. I hope he's on the mend soon.

stitching under oaks said...

I'm so sorry about your terrible. Hope he's feeling better soon. Your napkins are wonderful...and i'm sure your corners don't suck eggs! (make sure you leave your link on Mister linky on my blog so others can see what you's in a post titled "Swap it out!") Thanks for participating!

Denise said...

Poor Winston, that sounds horrible, I hope the meds work fast for him. Keep us posted.

Denise said...

Poor sweet Winston...I know you're heart is aching...mine would be too. Hope he's better soon. Keep us posted.

Kristyn Knits said...

Yeah for you!! Your napkins are beautiful...and how sweet of you to send along a surprise! I also purchased fabric to sew up a few new napkins for my family as well.

I hope your puppy is on the mend soon.

Larissa said...

Kim i am so sorry about your puppy. about 8 years ago i had signs of Lyme disease and had to take the antibiotics also - we have woods all around and tons of ticks. Hope he is feeling better soon.

And i absolutely LOVE the napkins! You chose the perfect fabric. Thank you!