Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stupid Stupor

I'm Back! I visited with my lovely Mum and Dad. Dad is stable, but his pain is unmanageable. I left feeling very glad I'd visited but it was so hard to see him in so much pain. It is so hard to see our parents age and suffer but I find having a parent so far away particularly hard. If my dad is given the go ahead for being able to handle surgery in the next month or so I will be jetting across the pond to be there to help again.

While there I did get to visit briefly with my dearest friend, Emma (can't say longest as I'm taller and can't say oldest and I'm older - debated this with friends already, it would appear I'm at the disadvantage either way, so dearest it is). It was wonderful to see her and delightful to experience how no matter how long it is that we see each other its as if no time has passed at all and we pick right up where we left off. Oh to have such a dear friend.

Em and Kim

But on to my issue right now (yes, I know, I always have issues, no need to say it). I'm in a knitting stupor. I have plenty of projects on the needles that I could knit on, but I don't feel like it. I have plenty of projects to cast on but I can't decide what to do. I'm dithering around putzing here and there on this and that and just not that jazzed by what I'm knitting. I don't know why.. I'm all set to go. I bought myself two lovely new Cath Kidston bags in England that I'm planning on using for knitting that are just itching for a nice project to be placed in them. They're practically gagging for them. Help? and do me a favor, no telling me to block any shawls, I'm not in the mood. Come on help a girl out. Any suggestions. Jess, you're always good and telling me what to do and getting me back on track, be the voice of reason.

Please help me get out of my Stupid Spring Knitting Stupor!