Friday, December 14, 2007

Mittens in Full Exposure

Finally, I have set aside my ego and am posting pics of the Rosebud Mittens.
The bottom is supposed to be hemmed and you can either knit it together or sew it. I chose to sew as I just wanted to keep knitting and couldn't be bothered to pick up and knit together. I'll probably regret that decision later when I'm all finished except for the wrist lining.

I started on a size 2 needle, which got the gauge specified in the pattern in stocking stitch, then around the 3rd leaf, I decided to give the size 3 needle a try as I had a 18cm circumference instead of a 20cm. Fortunately I have skinny wrists/hands. I stopped knitting on it for a few days because of busy family holiday events and a couple gifts that needed to be whipped up.
The picture above is a little blurry (this is the part with the size 2 needles), but you get a close look at the stitches and can see how even/uneven they are. That's where I came to a standstill; when I started to critic my tension. I do this every time when I do color work.

Here's a picture where I've used the size 3 needles. I can't decide if it looks much difference. The stitches are a little bigger, but I think they look less even.
Here's the palm. So.... what do you think? Am I over scrutinizing my work. Do I just keep going? Frog it and re-knit it all on size 3 needles? Relax?

(BTW: Carrie K, I did exactly the same thing as you and posted the pics only to discover a mistake I had missed)

I really enjoy knitting these and I completed this much of the mitten in an hour or two. Why do I take away the joy from my knitting by scrutinizing each stitch? I'm happily knitting away and then I start to stress about whether I'm doing a good job or not. I think I've taken too many technique classes and need to get over it.

So, tell me what do you think?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mitts & Mittens Everywhere

Okay, so that whole "week of posts" kind of fell through, but at least I tried.

I finished Beth's Princess Mitts. They turned out nicely, but it wasn't my favorite pattern to knit, so it probably won't be repeated. Update on Beth - she had surgery last Friday and is recovering and back at work as usual. If you haven't done so yet, check out some of her patterns on her website, she has some beautiful patterns. Chinatown is one of my favorites - to knit and wear.
Yesterday the mailman delivered two new mitten kits from Leena at Riihivilla. I had her change the colorway on the Oak Tree kit to the Forest Selection. The other kit I ordered was the Tulip kit, which colors I kept the same. I'm eager to start these but need to rip and re-knit the other kit I had purchased from Leena, I think I need to go up a needle size.
I also cast on and should be finished this morning with a pair of Fetching mittens that are a quick instant gratification project. I like the Princess yarn in this pattern more than the Princess Mitts. I'm thinking of whipping out a pair of Dashing next for one of the boys. Partially for comparison sake of the patterns and partially because I promised them I'd knit them some soon.

Yesterday when I dropped the kids off at school, the temperature was -10F (yes, that is negative ten degrees) not factoring in the windchill. D was furious that they actually made them stay inside for one of the recesses and M still took some convincing that it was cold enough for her to wear a sweater and a coat. After dropping them off, I was thinking about whether fingerless mitts are really a good idea for Wisconsin winters, as come January you can get frostbite while shoveling your snow. Maybe triple lined felted wool mittens with pockets for heat warmers are more in line with our weather. Mmm... That's an idea, forget pockets on the mittens for ipods, what about pockets inside for heat warmers.....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pretty as a Princess

I'm being lazy and am posting a picture of the Princess Mitts that I'm knitting for Beth (at Black Purl - refer to Tuesdays post) that I look last night. I've completed the mitt since, but need to do the thumbs, and they are beautiful. Will post pics when they're completed. I don't think that this pattern flows very well - all the details are there, but it's a little disjointed. They're a simple knit and look lovely, but its definitely a pattern that you should read all of before knitting (not always my strong point) or you'll end up ripping the bloody thing back a few times.
I'm a little frustrated with the lack of knitting time that occurs during the Holidays, which generally is a time where I'm trying to get gifts and serious knitting completed. I was reading Earthtonesgirl's blog today and Denise was talking about how she tries to wrap up all of her knitting projects at the end of the year, so that she can start fresh in the New Year and not have any projects hanging over her year. Doesn't that sound wonderful?! I got all excited and thought how I was going t do the same thing ... and then I started counting up UFO's/WIP's and realized that even if I knit solidly, without sleep, for the rest of the year, that not even half of them would be "wrapped up". So, instead I thought about casting on some more new projects. Mmm... that Logan River Wrap or Irish Hiking Scarf look cute, or what about Oblique...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was about to climb into bed (and watch Project Runway) when I remembered that I still needed to post today. So, I thought I'd take a quick pic of the twins and show you the matching pairs of Maine Morning Mitts.

Although it was suggested that Noro Kureyon wasn't the easiest to make matching items with, I was determined and headed to the LYS. I examined the different skeins of yarn as in the same colorway and dye lot, there were many variations. I selected the one that looked like it matched the previous ball I had knit the mismatched mitts with, and voila!!! Twins! I had whipped up one of the mitts between stops while Christmas shopping, and the other while waiting for an oil change last Monday, but then I'd stalled on doing the thumbs, which is silly as these are the easiest thumbs you'll knit on mittens. The motivation to finish - the fact that I had promised that I would blog today.

These are destined to become teacher gifts. I did try them on and they are a very nice fit. I'd knit me some (the boys really want a pair), but I get bored knitting the same pattern. So, I'll have to find them a different mitt pattern. Thank goodness for Ravelry.

Now, I know this isn't the most interesting of blog posts, but it does have a pretty picture.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had planned on a different post today, for my week of blogging (I know, you don't believe I'm going to do it, do you?), but then I stopped by my LYS, Black Purl and changed my mind. The update on some of my knitting projects will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, when I stopped by the store for yet another pair of size 2 dpn's (one can never have enough dpn's) I found Beth, the owner, with a cast on her arm and looking quite miserable. Beth has rheumatoid arthritis severely although very young and on Sunday as she reached for her toothbrush, two of her fingers broke. She drove herself to the hospital in agony. She will probably have to have surgery shortly. Of course, this means that she can't knit right now (although she was attempting to fix a customer's knitting project when I arrived). Knitting has gotten Beth through a lot of tough times and right now, she can't do that. She'll bounce back, she always does and she'll continue to produce beautiful work.

I feel incredibly blessed tonight to be able to sit and knit, and am grateful for my hands, and the joy of knitting. Take a moment after you read this post to pamper your hands, rub in some lotion, give yourself a manicure, and say thank you to your hands.

Knitting update: I ordered two more kits yesterday from Riihivilla (one customized in the forest selection) and grabbed some Princess yarn today to knit Beth some fingerless mitts she wanted, but is unable to knit for herself right now. The Rosebud Mitten wrist lining and wrist has been knit, although I am debating changing needle sizes. I've been getting a couple of rows in per day for a few of the wip's that have been hanging around for awhile.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I returned home today from a playdate and some errands to find a package on my doorstep today. It was the mitten kit I had ordered from Leena at Riihivilla. Isn't it packaged beautifully (My Treo does not take great pictures). So, of course, I ignored all those pesky chores, dishes and loads of laundry and sat by bum down and swatched the yarn. It's beautiful. Very soft and lovely to knit with. My only dilemma is that I stupidly ordered only one kit. I a nothing, but willing to admit to my purchasing mistake and will rectify the situation by purchasing a kit and color selection once I'm done posting. I suggest you do likewise. Why shouldn't you buy yourself a little holiday gift - I get tired of getting every body else presents.

This week I have quite a few projects to post updates on and some new ones that have been started. So, maybe we'll get more than one post this week. Of course, don't hold your breath.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Misfit Mittens

Ravelry seems to suck up my computer time lately, but that's not a bad thing. I've been inspired to work on a couple of projects that are very close to completion so that I can post the finished items on the site.

I did manage to whip up a pair of Maine Morning Mittens from The Knitters Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes. As you can see from the picture - they don't match. Clara's pattern calls for one ball of Noro Kureyon. While that is sufficient in yardage, because of the lack of repeats in the colorway you end up with very different looking mittens from one ball ofyarn. They are such a fast, fun and easy knit that you could make them in one night, so I'm going to buy another ball of yarn and make another pair, so that they'll match. I'm thinking that these would be great teachers gifts - well, if you live in nice cold Wisconsin that is.

The boys loved them as they thought they'd keep your hands warm but still leave your fingers free to play video games.

I don't really have something wise or funny to write about today (not that I ever do). So, I'll show you what Marji enabled me into purchasing the other day. I went with kit #8, but am forcing myself not to email Leena and order some of the Forest Collection yarn and a couple other kits.

Which reminds me .... I was reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Liz Gilbert this morning and she was talking about how people panic about getting old and not having accomplished everything they want to in life before they die. I think as Knitters we suffer from a different variety of this psychological worry - we suffer from panic attacks over whether we will be able to knit everything we want to in this life. "Oh crap, I'm almost forty and I find at least ten patterns a day that I'd like to knit from Ravelry. Maybe I should sell off some of my yarn or Starmore books and donate the money for finding a cure for the dreaded "lack of knitting time" epidemic."

Maybe, I'll just get a grip and relax and enjoy what knitting time I do have.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Other Wool Pursuits

Last Saturday, I was able to attend an all day workshop at a local Fiber Artist's Studio for a Rag Wool Rug Hooking class. It was wonderful. She lives in the most beautiful setting on a renovated farm with a fiber studio that was delicious. When Kathy (the teacher) left the room for a minute, one of the other classmates and myself felt the need to hug the wool and fondle it. It took all my willpower not to drool on the fabric.

Of course, I couldn't pick something too easy to start with so I'm struggling a little with how to do some of the shading, but here is a picture of what it will hopefully resemble when finished.

The name of her business is Red Barn Rug and she sells her patterns and wool at craft shows and wholesale. I'm attending a 1/2 day workshop on needlefelting this weekend.

I've also been knitting but have discovered that I despise picking up necklines as it always takes me 10 tries until it looks okay. I whipped up a couple of baby hats and some slippers, but am thinking that I need to designate one day a week that is finishing day. That I take sometime to finish the many knitted projects just sat around for the final stage.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Stuff everywhere

In case you haven't guessed, I've been busy browsing Ravelry and now am on a blitz of what I own - books, yarn, UFO's, needles so that I can update my stash.

In doing so, let me just say - WOW! I have a lot more yarn and "stuff" than I thought. I wondering what I was thinking with some of the yarn; complete impulse buys. Some, is just plain ugly and others, I think I bought them just to fondle.

I'm hoping to have a couple pics of some finished objects later this week.

BTW, check out the schoolhouse press website (bottom right of the home page) and follow along with Meg as she knits a Christmas stocking for her grandson, Eli.

Monday, October 22, 2007

1,648 balls of yarn on the wall....

I'm on a self imposed work of UFO's week while waiting for Ravelry to finally accept me (I feel like I'm in high school) and then those pesky UFO's can bugger off and leave me alone to browse and find a few thousand more projects to cast on.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy the other day and they were talking about Dr. Mark Sloan and that his name was Man Whore. It popped into my mind that my title should be "Yarn Whore" because I promiscuously cast aside my projects for the sleek lines of a new project or the full and juicy balls of yarn. I've also been known to simply be disloyal to a project simply because I want to play with some new sticks. (Okay, now I'm getting carried away). I apparently was not in line for the Fidelity Gene when it came to yarn.

It bothers me that I'm not more loyal and devout in my fiber relationships. And so, I am working on this character flaw. Well, at least for the next couple of days.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You are #34362 on the list.

Ahhh! Patience is not a virtue I possess. There are 5790 people ahead of me on Ravelry. Which is good progress considering three weeks ago, there were over 13,000 people ahead of me. The only twisted pleasure I get from the antsy checker is that there are 9693 people behind me.

Meanwhile, I finished a hat for my son, have completed 1/3 of my quilt piecing and have stitched a pillow for Christmas decorations.

Maybe if I keep busy enough the time will pass faster.

Maybe I shouldn't check the Antsy checker on Ravelry every five minutes.

You decide.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh know, I'm doing it again!

The other day I got very frustrated with my knitting - I think I've talked about his before (but am too lazy to read my previous posts and check). Sometimes, I get too caught up in thinking my knitting should be perfect and literally shut down. This is how it starts..

I'm sat in my favorite chair happily knitting away thinking what a beautiful fall day it is and how I love the colors of the yarns I'm knitting and how they reflect the pretty fall colors. Then I glance a little closer at my work to admire the colors .. uh oh.. Doesn't the stitches look a little uneven? Do my stitches slant slightly to one side? Why do I always have to push the yarn and stitches so much around the needles? Is it me or does my knitting always lean forward on the circulars and will this create an uneven tension? What if I knit this whole hat and not like it? Not even enough to give to someone else? Did I swatch enough? Should I go up a needle? Should I go down a needle size? Maybe, I'm using circular needles that are too short in length? Maybe I should rip this out and start again?

And so it continues until I have worked myself up into quite a tizzy (?sp). Then I shut down on my knitting and mope around - wondering what non-knitters do with their hands when they watch TV?

Then I start to miss watching my hands knit and the feel of the yarn sliding through my fingers (of course, I only stopped knitting a couple of hours before I feel homesick for knitting). Next thing I know, I'm knitting away happily on a newly cast on hat, swearing to myself that I will just enjoy the knitting process because it's the process that I love. I am back in knitting heaven.

Wait a minute, does that stitch look twisted?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More from Camp

While attending Knitting Workshop, I wanted a mindless project to work on (of EZ's or Meg's) during the class. Included in our packet was a variation for the Very Warm Hat. I had some leftover Ultra Alpaca from a Baby Surprise Jacket, so decided to use that to whip a hat up. This is the result - I was barely done weaving the last end of the hat, when Caleb grabbed it from my hands, and pronounced it wonderful and that it suited him perfectly. He then sat in the hat while he did his piano practice. One side of the hat is knit using long-tail cast on, then you pick up in the back loop of the cast on and knit the other side. This is an incredibly warm hat and completely reversible. Here's a picture of the hat showing both sides.
And here's the hat showing Caleb's favorite side.And here's another sweater from camp in the Armenian sweater - It has the knit stitch on the front and purl stitch on the back. It is a great sweater, and this wouldn't usually appeal to me, but I loved it. I think this will be a big hit from the book.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Olive Branch

The Schoolhouse Knitting Workshop this weekend was wonderful. Loved it. One of the highlights was visiting the Schoolhouse office/warehouse which stands next to THE Schoolhouse (where Meg S. lives - picture above - isn't Wisconsin beautiful in the fall). It was a beautiful fall day, so the drive was lovely; of course, it was enhanced by the individuals I drove there with, Jen Braico (a fellow workshopper) and the amazing Joyce Williams. Joyce is so incredibly talented and just the funnest person to talk to. Joyce was the guest speaker on Saturday and showed the group her wonderful designs for the upcoming release of Armenian Knitting. Below is a poorly taken photo (Again, I forgot the camera so resorted to the Palm cellphone camera) of the Olive Branch (?Tree) Sweater. It looks like intarsia, but the light grey is caught throughout the entire sweater. Which makes for a very warm sweater and adds these wonderful tweedy peaks of the carried color. I know that seems a little strange, as we usually try to hide our carries, but in this type of knitting, yarn peaks are required.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wait! I think there's a pulse!

Carrie K has been giving me a hard time about not posting - she's justified - seeing as the last time I posted was April 2007. Things were really rough for the Knittinbrit household, but we are a strong family and can get through anything together.

That's enough about that...

Well, I did attend Knitting Camp 2.0 in July, which was wonderful. I really enjoyed myself. Did quite a bit of stash enhancement and an amazing amount of knitting. Learned lots.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm off to a Knitting Workshop with Schoolhouse Press today. This is similar to camp, but for one less day. It also is more focused on a particular subject. This one is on the EPS system. Although familiar with it, my experience with Meg before was that she had more knowledge of knitting in her yarn wrapped pinkie than I did in my entire body. So, off to fun. The fun thing about the Workshop is that we take a road trip out to the Schoolhouse Press Offices and warehouse. Be still my beating credit cards.

Amy Detjen was at camp and she had just adopted the cutest little boy, who kept us entertained pretending he was a puppy. Joyce Williams was wonderful. I don't think she ever sleeps though. We would start at 8am and she'd be up knitting with us until 1am every night (morning??).

Although I haven't been blogging, I've been knitting up a storm. I'm hoping to finish the Mimbres Vest today or tomorrow and can cut it at Schoolhouse. I've also whipped up some Pomatomus (I can never be bothered to spell that right) socks - well, actually I have one almost finished, but am plodding my way through. I just finished knitting dd a Blue Sky Alpaca Kimono Jacket, which will be very cute if I ever get the neckband finished.

So, now I've got so much to do to get ready to go to Marshfield, but thought I'd post a pic from the top of a Mountain in the Uintah's. Our family went camping there this summer, went hiking, and then went off-road literally over the top of a mountain, where we had a picnic at the top. It was wonderful and a great time for our family.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Not Picture Perfect

I'm struggling with my phone. I have managed to screw up the online connection and am unable to email pictures from the phone camera. I was able to get one emailed before it died, so that you could at least have a peak at Chinatown. She did turn out rather nicely. I think next time, and for the record, I do plan on knitting another one (I already have the yarn and buttons), I would make a bigger size so that it was more more roomier.

Also, take a look at the Tess Designer Yarns website and look at the Crest of the Wave Scarf/Wrap pattern that I did for them. The picture turned out beautiful of the colors, but I have a better photo on my phone (if I could just access it) of the stitch pattern. I thought it turned out very nicely.

I received some more beautiful Petite Silk in two different colorway kits from her today and we're coming up with an idea for a pattern.

I've been working on the Meg Swansen "Eli Guernsey" and have been plodding along rather slowly since I reached the yoke. Do you find that sometimes you're more particular than others about how a project turns out? Sometimes I become almost too emotionally involved with my projects and spend more ripping them than knitting them.

I also have been playing around with some different embroidery and stitching. I decided to whip out a punch needle design that is coming along. I have no idea what I plan to do with the project afterwards, as it's not exactly the kind of thing I'd put up in my house, I just wanted to give it a try.

I've been a little flighty with my knitting. The weather seems to have me all confused. The beginning of last week, it was brutally cold and snowing, and I wouldn't let the kids out of the house without snow gear, and then today I would have let them out of the house in shorts. I find the fickleness of the weather shows itself in my knitting choices that day.

It feels like this post is rather disjointed and jumpy just like the weather. See, it shows up in my blogging also. Spring and Summer where are you?

Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm officially a Camper

My husband literally fell off his chair when I announced that I was officially a "camper". I'm far from the camping type with way too many squirmish non-camping ways about me. But this year I will be a camper, in the Meg Swansen Knitting Camp way. I just received my email to say that I was in (and my friend Linda-my roommate). I'm so excited. I read the newsletter about what we'll be doing and I think I may have danced around a little and air punched in excitement. I then read what we should take, and repeated above self-congratulatory exhibitions.

In reading the newsletter, I saw that we are supposed to make a nametag to wear during camp, so my mind is racing already with some ideas.

In hopeful anticipation of acceptance to camp, I had purchased some Guernsey wool in navy and am knitting the child's pattern from the latest wool gathering (and dvd). I'm loving it. I'm particularly enjoying this because I grew up close to the Channel Islands and visited there a few times. My parents owned a fish and chip shop and I would go to the Fish Market at the dock with my dad sometims and you would see the fishermen in their guernseys, so the connection to that is making it also quite fun.

I haven't posted in quite a while, so I'll give a little update on the knitting front.

I'm knitting away on the Icarus Shawl in Misti Alpaca in sage green. I started it last week and have been flying away (until the guernsey yarn showed up).

I bagged up tons of my other projects that were just staring at me making me feel very unmotivated to knit. The guilt of unfinished projects can really drag me down.

I have began a very thorough cleansing of the yarn department in my house. No, this time I'm getting it done.

I'm also going through the patterns and magazines and seeing which I want to keep, what I'm interested in knitting and what needs to be 86'd.

I ordered last Thursday at 11:30am the yarn, and dvd for the guernsey and it was here the next day. Now, I know I live close to Schoolhouse Press, but come on, that was impressive turn around. I remembered my mothers advice to always be grateful, and called and said thank you to them.

I'm registering for Stitches, but am definitely not taking the number of classes like last time. jae and Marji will agree, schedule overload last year. It's less than a month after camp, so I'm not sure that I'd want that full of a schedule again also.

Chinatown is completed, and shockingly for me, sewn together. I am in the process of weaving in ends and will then attach buttons. It looks great. I'm very pleased with it.

Any advice??

I've been having very sore joints of my hands lately, especially when my hands get cold, and then I can't seem to get them warm and they ache. Strangely the movement of knitting seems to help them, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice?

I'll try to snap a pic of the guernsey and post it shortly (I'm trying not to wake EB up from a nap - Marji knows how desperately I need EB to nap after our phone conversation on Saturday)

A couple of items for sale

Rowan Magazine #20 OOP $20 - SOLD
Rowan Magazine #22 OOP $20
Rowan Magazine #31 OOP $15 - SOLD

Email me at knittinbrit at charter dot net if interested

Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick Catch Up

Just a quick update on what's been going on. Sorry, I don't have any pics today but will get some together for next post.

1. Both hats were finished, worn by recipient and greatly appreciated. I don't think Declan has taken his off since I made it.
2. Steve used the hat when he went camping last weekend with Caleb. Yes, in the open, no tent, in minus 25 windchills. Apparently when you move to Wisconsin you become insane. I'm sure that I married someone more intelligent than that. They had a blast, although Caleb did manage to catch his snowpants on fire while trying to warm his behind against the fire. Fortunately, he has mastered the drop and roll technique.
3. I've completed the knitting of the sleeves, both front sides and back on Chinatown, and have started to seam it together. The project is set aside for this week as I've got a major deadline to complete before I can finish this. I'm really looking forward to it, it's beautiful. I highly recommend this knit.
4. One and a half socks have been knit in Cherry Tree Potluck yarn. I love this yarn. They were my travelling knitting project, hence the progress.
5. Enjoyed a couple days stay in the hospital after a cyst ruptured and was too drugged up to knit. Well, I self imposed that rule of no knitting, Publishafter I managed to knit an enormous knot in the front of Chinatown while in happy pain reduced land. Am feeling much better now, and have added yet another reason why I'm convinved that men have things so much easier than women.
6. I'm working on a project for Tess Designer yarns that I'm enjoying, although I'm going to have to knit fast to get it finished and shipped out in time. It's in 100% silk and a beautiful stole. I'll have to show pics once it's been sent off to the Stitches show. So, I plan on getting it finished and sent by Monday seeing as Stitches is the 22nd.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hats Off to Me

Yes, Carrie K, I did cave in and whip out the hat for Steve. I modified it a little to make it more of a fit for his style.
I picked colors to match his snow gear. It's knit in Cascade Yarns Bollicine Dolly - 100% Merino. It feels so soft. I did the inside of the hat in black and changed the pattern around (refer to previous posts showing Dec's hat for comparison). He liked it.

Ethan was sick this weekend, so I didn't get any knitting done on Chinatown, as what freetime I had was in making a special dinner for Steve's birthday last night,getting Caleb's stuff together for his camp out at the School Forest and holding Ethan while he wimpered in my arms (poor baby).

E has double ear infections, but seems to be feeling a little better than he was. I plan on grabbing a book, sitting down and getting some knitting done this afternoon. Okay, I may throw in a batch of laundry or two, but otherwise it's knitting time.

I did a little bit of digging through one of the Stash Bins today. I'm always shocked at some of what I find in there, yarn that I bought thinking I couldn't live without it, only to shove it in the box and forget about it. It seems like such a waste to have this beautiful yarn just sitting there.

I'm posting some of it on Destash for Cash later. This is the first batch that's going up:

7 balls of Rowan 4 Ply Cotton - 50g 186yds Col SH118 Lot 2418 (olive green) mrsp $6.50 (45.50)
4 balls of Rowan 4 Ply Cotton - 50g 186 yds Colr white - 1 ball does not have label mrsp 6.50 (26.00)
2 balls of Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille 50g Dark Navy - 145 m - one ball does not have label
2 balls of Anny Blatt Angora Super - Blue Variegated116 yds mrsp 21.00 (42.00)
1 wound skeins Donegal Tweed Olive Green - may have been swatched with mrsp 10.99 (10.99)
2 wound skein Donegal Tween Dark Green - may have been swatched with MRSP 10.99 (21.98)
2 wound skeins Donegal Tweed Dark Blue - may have been swatched with MRSP 10.99 (21.98)
2 wound skeins Donegal Tweed Medium Blue - may have been swatched with MRSP 10.99 (21.98)
4 skeins Great Adirondack Frills yarn in Black Violet Colorway 100 yds each MRSP 10.00 (40.00)
1 wound skein Great Adirondack Frills yarn in black violet colorway - may have been swatched MRSP (10.00)

In total, this lot would be over $240 to purchase. I'm selling the lot for $100.00 plus actual postage. or will sell it individually for 50% of the MRSP.

I've gone back and forth with getting rid of some of this, but I feel a greater need to declutter and reduce the stash to only what I love. I keep feeling guilt when I look at it and quite honestly I've got other projects in mind that I'd like to knit, so I'm moving on.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

There's No Dilly-"Dale-ying" Going On Here!

Quick Post! Here's a quick pic of the Dale Hat for Declan. I've just got the crown to do and sew down the hem, and weave in ends. It's always sounds like so much less work that it is.
I still haven't decided whether I'm going to attempt to get Steve's hat done for Saturday. I'm trying to be realistic about how long it would take. Although I did enjoy whipping up this hat, maybe it's because it was a small project. Besides, I'm anxious to get back to work on my Chinatown jacket. We'll see!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I couldn't help myself!

One of the reasons that I rarely post pictures is that my camera is never near by when I'm knitting and then I'm too lazy to download the pics from the camera, blah, blah, blah. Pitiful excuse - I know! However, yesterday afternoon as I was happily knitting away on Chinatown, I stopped to measure my progress on the armhole. I had to move my Treo out of the way so that I could lay it out. I was happily smiling away at my work and thinking how wonderful knitting was and maybe I should wander out to the street to find someone else to admire my handiwork, when I thought better of it and decided to snap a picture, you know, for posterity's sake. Now understand that I am never without my phone (Marji and Jae could tell you that from Stitches) and I often use it for snapping quick pic's of the kids and emailing them to my Mum and Dad. Why on earth, has it not occurred to me to take pictures of my knitting with this handy little device before. Any suggestions? Anyway, the point is... here are a couple pics of Chinatown. Isn't she pretty?
The cording was so easy and fun to do. Sometimes it's the simple things in knitting that impress me the most. Like turning the heel on a sock. My husband gets tired of having to clap and cheer at the amazing heel that appeared out of nowhere.

I doubt that I'll make a lot of progress today on this though, as yesterday I ran in to the yarn store with Caleb (11) to pick up the rest of the yarn for Chinatown and he fell in love with a hat that Beth (owner of Black Purl) had hung up. It was a Dale Hat from the 1999 Vail book. I'll snap a picture later and post it. Beth loves Caleb (what's not to love about a boy who a) has wanted to be James Bond since he was 4, b) is fascinated with politics and would actively debate winningly with most adults, if it was the polite thing to do; and c) has informed Beth that whenever she needs help she is to call him and he'll gladly help her wind yarn, take out the trash, attach photos to hundreds of patterns) ... and so, she gave it to him. Despite my protests. He loved it and proudly wore it into the house, which immediately prompted Declan to fall in love with it himself and ask me if I thought I'd be able to knit one for him by Saturday when he is going to the Polar Cub Scout Camp up north. Obviously, these kids have supernatural powers of persuasion (or just incredibly cute eyes) that made me say "well, I'm sure I could". So, today I stopped by the yarn store and grabbed some yarn for the hat to knit for Declan. He would like it knit in Chicago Bear colors (remember this is Wisconsin, and this could get the kid beat down at School, but he is very loyal and understands the price you pay to support greatness!!! Go Bears!) I been working on it this afternoon for a little while and I feel like I'm in the Knitting Olympics again.

P.S. Steve asked me to make him one today as well, so that he could have one to take Declan to the Polar Camp. I bought him a North Face one instead. I doubt he'll know the difference. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't knit two before Saturday - I have too much to do; besides, it's not like my name is Marina. She could whip out two fair isle hats in her sleep.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm It!

Marji tagged me so that I'd finally get a post on the blog for the new year. It worked!

Before I get, here are five things I've never revealed on my blog before (at least, I hope I haven't and I'm too lazy to go back and check, so forgive me if these are duplicates).

1. When I was 10 years old I was taken to the emergency room stuck in the splits. I was at a disco, and a nasty little boy thought it would be funny to push down suddenly and hard on my shoulders (sadistic little pratt) and see what would happen. Apparently, there is only so far that your legs should be able to go into the splits, my body freaked out and my muscles cramped up and I needed to be taken to the emergency room in the splits, where they gave me a muscle relaxer before I was able to resume a normal position. Conclusion: Music can influence your actions negatively. The song Fame was playing (obviously this was a fairly traumatic experience, so I recall it quite vividly) and I thought I was Irene Cara.

2. I've met Queen Elizabeth. Well, I've been in front of her (but that's closer than most), I'm sure it was more memorable for me than her. When I was 11 I was in a Majorette Band. Our team was pretty highly ranked in Southern England and we were invited to march at the Queens Birthday celebration that was being held at Windsor Castle. We stayed in the Barracks and performed the next day.

3. I've met Poirot (okay, David Suchet who plays Poirot). When I was in college in Torquay, England, I worked at the Pizza Hut Restaurant (it was more of a restaurant in england than a fast food place). He was one of my customers and was there with his family. He was very nice and polite and tipped well.

4. Although I grew up in England and didn't move to the states until I was married, I have no English accent (fortunately I don't have a wisconsin accent either). I didn't try to lose my accent, but I'm from a tourist town in England, the English Riveria (yes, we have one- fake palm tress and all) and it's a melting pot of people from all over the place, so I don't think it was ever the most defined of british accents. However, when I get nervous, angry, talk to my mum and dad, or meet someone for the first time, my english accent pops right out without trying to. As I relax, it disappears again. This can be a problem when having to give a presentation, as over the course of the speech my accent changes from british to american. It's very embarrassing, as people think I'm putting it on.

5. I love Cereal, and would happily eat it for every meal. BUT, only after I've nuked it in the microwave for a minute or so. Yes, we're talking cheerio's, rice crispies, frosted flakes, everything! It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer. I like my hot cereal. My favorite is 3 Weetabix loaded with sugar, with Vitamin D milk and some heavy whipping cream poured on top, nuked for 1 1/2 minutes. All soggy, warm, fatty and lovely. Obviously, I can't eat this every day else I'd be the size of Shamu, so I settle for usually heated cheerios or wheaties with some banana's on top.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 5 others, but am struggling to come up with five other people who haven't been tagged already (obviously I have a very small circle of internet friends). We'll see who I tag. I'm going to have to think about this one.

Update on what's been happening since last post.

The holidays were lovely and not too hectic. We didn't have the usual crowd of visitors from across the seas, so we enjoyed spending time together as a family. It was very nice and relaxing, although I was grateful for everyone to go back to school so I could have some peace and quiet.

I've knit about 3 pairs of socks, finished a scarf from the stash that was started years ago, have dabbled with a dale sweater that I need to finish, but am having a hard time being motivated with. I'm quite frantically knitting away on Chinatown (a design by Black Purl) right now in Cascade 220. I'm doing it a little different colors and different yarn. It looks great and is fast and easy to knit, so I'm able to read while knitting. The back is almost finished and I predict that I'll be done within the next 2 weeks as I need to keep plugging along on the sleeves for the Dale in Sisik that I started a couple of years ago.

I have decided to sell some of the stash and am going to begin posting it on Destash for Cash. So, keep an eye out.

Thanks Marji, for the push to get a post on here.

To end, here's a picture of the cute kids from Christmas.