Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had planned on a different post today, for my week of blogging (I know, you don't believe I'm going to do it, do you?), but then I stopped by my LYS, Black Purl and changed my mind. The update on some of my knitting projects will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, when I stopped by the store for yet another pair of size 2 dpn's (one can never have enough dpn's) I found Beth, the owner, with a cast on her arm and looking quite miserable. Beth has rheumatoid arthritis severely although very young and on Sunday as she reached for her toothbrush, two of her fingers broke. She drove herself to the hospital in agony. She will probably have to have surgery shortly. Of course, this means that she can't knit right now (although she was attempting to fix a customer's knitting project when I arrived). Knitting has gotten Beth through a lot of tough times and right now, she can't do that. She'll bounce back, she always does and she'll continue to produce beautiful work.

I feel incredibly blessed tonight to be able to sit and knit, and am grateful for my hands, and the joy of knitting. Take a moment after you read this post to pamper your hands, rub in some lotion, give yourself a manicure, and say thank you to your hands.

Knitting update: I ordered two more kits yesterday from Riihivilla (one customized in the forest selection) and grabbed some Princess yarn today to knit Beth some fingerless mitts she wanted, but is unable to knit for herself right now. The Rosebud Mitten wrist lining and wrist has been knit, although I am debating changing needle sizes. I've been getting a couple of rows in per day for a few of the wip's that have been hanging around for awhile.


Denise said...

I'm so very sorry for your friend Beth. Not being able to knit, especially now with my life being so full, would make me a bit insane. I showed gratitude to my hands by giving up my full time massage practice. My hands couldn't do both, daily. No question who won and why. I'm gonna go buy so shea butter lotion...and say thanks again.

twellve said...

oh no! i'm really sad to hear that. thanks for sharing the info though. can you please let Beth know that i hope she recovers soon and that i'm thinking of her?

elise (in london)