Thursday, September 27, 2007

More from Camp

While attending Knitting Workshop, I wanted a mindless project to work on (of EZ's or Meg's) during the class. Included in our packet was a variation for the Very Warm Hat. I had some leftover Ultra Alpaca from a Baby Surprise Jacket, so decided to use that to whip a hat up. This is the result - I was barely done weaving the last end of the hat, when Caleb grabbed it from my hands, and pronounced it wonderful and that it suited him perfectly. He then sat in the hat while he did his piano practice. One side of the hat is knit using long-tail cast on, then you pick up in the back loop of the cast on and knit the other side. This is an incredibly warm hat and completely reversible. Here's a picture of the hat showing both sides.
And here's the hat showing Caleb's favorite side.And here's another sweater from camp in the Armenian sweater - It has the knit stitch on the front and purl stitch on the back. It is a great sweater, and this wouldn't usually appeal to me, but I loved it. I think this will be a big hit from the book.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Olive Branch

The Schoolhouse Knitting Workshop this weekend was wonderful. Loved it. One of the highlights was visiting the Schoolhouse office/warehouse which stands next to THE Schoolhouse (where Meg S. lives - picture above - isn't Wisconsin beautiful in the fall). It was a beautiful fall day, so the drive was lovely; of course, it was enhanced by the individuals I drove there with, Jen Braico (a fellow workshopper) and the amazing Joyce Williams. Joyce is so incredibly talented and just the funnest person to talk to. Joyce was the guest speaker on Saturday and showed the group her wonderful designs for the upcoming release of Armenian Knitting. Below is a poorly taken photo (Again, I forgot the camera so resorted to the Palm cellphone camera) of the Olive Branch (?Tree) Sweater. It looks like intarsia, but the light grey is caught throughout the entire sweater. Which makes for a very warm sweater and adds these wonderful tweedy peaks of the carried color. I know that seems a little strange, as we usually try to hide our carries, but in this type of knitting, yarn peaks are required.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wait! I think there's a pulse!

Carrie K has been giving me a hard time about not posting - she's justified - seeing as the last time I posted was April 2007. Things were really rough for the Knittinbrit household, but we are a strong family and can get through anything together.

That's enough about that...

Well, I did attend Knitting Camp 2.0 in July, which was wonderful. I really enjoyed myself. Did quite a bit of stash enhancement and an amazing amount of knitting. Learned lots.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm off to a Knitting Workshop with Schoolhouse Press today. This is similar to camp, but for one less day. It also is more focused on a particular subject. This one is on the EPS system. Although familiar with it, my experience with Meg before was that she had more knowledge of knitting in her yarn wrapped pinkie than I did in my entire body. So, off to fun. The fun thing about the Workshop is that we take a road trip out to the Schoolhouse Press Offices and warehouse. Be still my beating credit cards.

Amy Detjen was at camp and she had just adopted the cutest little boy, who kept us entertained pretending he was a puppy. Joyce Williams was wonderful. I don't think she ever sleeps though. We would start at 8am and she'd be up knitting with us until 1am every night (morning??).

Although I haven't been blogging, I've been knitting up a storm. I'm hoping to finish the Mimbres Vest today or tomorrow and can cut it at Schoolhouse. I've also whipped up some Pomatomus (I can never be bothered to spell that right) socks - well, actually I have one almost finished, but am plodding my way through. I just finished knitting dd a Blue Sky Alpaca Kimono Jacket, which will be very cute if I ever get the neckband finished.

So, now I've got so much to do to get ready to go to Marshfield, but thought I'd post a pic from the top of a Mountain in the Uintah's. Our family went camping there this summer, went hiking, and then went off-road literally over the top of a mountain, where we had a picnic at the top. It was wonderful and a great time for our family.