Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Olive Branch

The Schoolhouse Knitting Workshop this weekend was wonderful. Loved it. One of the highlights was visiting the Schoolhouse office/warehouse which stands next to THE Schoolhouse (where Meg S. lives - picture above - isn't Wisconsin beautiful in the fall). It was a beautiful fall day, so the drive was lovely; of course, it was enhanced by the individuals I drove there with, Jen Braico (a fellow workshopper) and the amazing Joyce Williams. Joyce is so incredibly talented and just the funnest person to talk to. Joyce was the guest speaker on Saturday and showed the group her wonderful designs for the upcoming release of Armenian Knitting. Below is a poorly taken photo (Again, I forgot the camera so resorted to the Palm cellphone camera) of the Olive Branch (?Tree) Sweater. It looks like intarsia, but the light grey is caught throughout the entire sweater. Which makes for a very warm sweater and adds these wonderful tweedy peaks of the carried color. I know that seems a little strange, as we usually try to hide our carries, but in this type of knitting, yarn peaks are required.


Marina said...

That (the sweater) is gorgeous! I guess I'll have to add that book to my "list".

Carrie K said...

That sweater is gorgeous! It's not the same one, is it? I've got to get that book.