Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season ... be completely swamped with too much to do.

I have been running around like crazy trying to attend all the kids plays, concerts, Nutcracker ballet spotlights, basketball games, work parties, recitals and all the other extracurriculur activities that pop up at this time Not to mention getting ready for Christmas and family vacation to England, plus preparing for son #1's 13th birthday (Ahhhh! a teenager is about to be on the premises). Of course, being a crafter/knitter I felt the need to add to my workload by pulling off some quilts and other crafted gift items. But I love this time of year, I'm a happier person for the busy, yet cheery schedule.

I mean what's not to love about watching your daughter perform for the first time in the Nutcracker Ballet as a Angel. Priceless!

Son #2 score his first 2-pointer at his basketball game. Priceless!

Son #1 directs his first school play. Priceless!

Son #3 is in his first Christmas Program at Preschool and waves the entire 20 minutes to his mum and blows her kisses throughout. Priceless!

But I do have some catching up to do on the blog:

First, if you recall my last post was about my frustration with trying to get my hands on some Wolmeisse. I didn't post with the intention of someone saying "oh, you want some Wolmeisse? well, here you go have some of mine." But that's exactly what happened. Tonia, whom I have never met but who reads my blog, decided to send me some Wolmeisse. She wouldn't let me pay for it. Said she was "paying it forward". Well, if that's the case, I think she paid forward enough for an awful lot of good in her life. I opened my mail the week after I posted, to discover a package with not only a beautiful skein of Wolmeisse, but four other sock yarns to play with. She thought I'd "like a sampler". Her generosity overwhems me. The Cute Guy was amazed, and kept saying "so, you don't even know her and she sent you that?!" Of course, I am aware of the generosity of knitters and know how we take care of our own. But still, I was a little gobsmacked at beautiful the yarn was.

Aren't they absolutely beautiful. They will be perfect knitting for on the plane and travelling in the uk.

I've also been whipping out Son #1's quilt, then promptly stalled. The top is now done, although in the picture below doesn't have a border on and still needs the two main halves sewn together, but will wait until I return to be tied (I decided the flannel would look really nice tied rather than quilted) and the binding added. I should be able to get that done when I return for him and the quilts finished for the other three kids.

I'm not sure if I'll get a post in before I leave, so for now I'll leave you with wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Okay, Now I'm started to get annoyed!

I've been hearing about Wollmeise sock yarn for the past year or more.

I've been desperately trying to find some Wollmeise sock yarn for the past year or more.

I've searched Loopy Ewe at all the weird times of the day hoping that I would catch them when they had a shipment, that usually disappears in five minutes.... no luck.

I've checked the Wollmeise website religiously on all the days she says that she is going to update the in stock store, plus many days that she hasn't planned on luck.

I've checked peoples stash on Ravelry to see if anyone is interested in selling their yarns, but have discovered only knitters who wish to swap for a different luck.

I guess I could break down and pay some crazy prizes on ebay, but to be honest, I'm starting to get more than a little frustrated at how hard it is to find this. I've been a little put off by the owner of the Wollmeise who is annoyed that you ask if she'll ever have any yarn in stock on her website again. I'm starting to think that this is some big conspiracy, that is yarn really isn't THAT special, that you're all a bunch of followers and crazemongers.

Truth is.. I want to be a Wollmeise groupie myself. I don't care if I'm being a follower. Yet, still am annoyed at those who purchase the yarn only to mark it up 100% for pure $$$ reasons. I guess that's perogative, but I don't like it. I admit to getting a little tired of the search and am thinking of snubbing Wollmeise and turning my back to the yarn forever, but I'm not sure I have the backbone.

Tell me, is it really as nice as they say? does it glide through your fingers? does it make you salivate? Wait, don't tell, I don't think I really want to know. It would only add to the frustration.

I'm starting to get a little annoyed though..!!!!!