Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Flying By..

Things I've done since posting last...

1. Attended three different meetings regarding various PTO activities.
2. Knit one block in Noro Kureyon for Lizard Ridge (loving it)
3. Watched one of the kids Pop Warner Football game
4. Ordered my thanksgiving turkey
5. Attended a cooking class
6. Attended a roundtable scout meeting
7. Missed a wedding - I'm an idiot what can I say - I wrote it on the calendar on the wrong day
8. Spent a few hours with the whole family at a corn maze and pumpkin farm - it was a blast
9. Took 3 kids to get their teeth cleaned
10. Started and almost finished an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket
11. Bought some new clothes
12. Bought some new Le Creuset dishes for the kitchen
13. Viewed some building lots to buy
14. Signed papers on building a new office building
15. Cooked an amazing Pork Pot Roast with navy beans and dried cranberries (see cooking light issue - most recent)
16. Knit another ball on the Michael Kors Cable Tunic
17. Received the new Knitters Magazine and promptly gave it away, as it was complete crap.

I did more stuff, but having four kids plays with the mind so I don't recall what else I accomplished, but I'm sure that many loads of laundry were somehow involved.

Well, I'm off to cub scouts, I guess I better figure out what I'm doing with the boys tonight.

BTW, winter has arrived in the Northwoods. It snowed this afternoon for an hour or so. It didn't stick, but gave us a taste of what we can expect to see over the next few months.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I had the pre-op appointment today for Lasik. So, that means that I can hardly see a bloody thing due to an over zealous application of dilation drops by the technician. So bad, that I couldn't knit. Once applying the drops they had me sit in a small room and watch some dull "informative" video about the procedure. "Perfect opportunity to sit and knit", I hear you say. I tried to knit. I tried, but my arms got tired of holding the knitting directly in front of my nose so that I could see the stitches. I couldn't see anything but a blurry distance with glasses and very close up without, and nothing in between.

You can tell the blurriness was bad, when control freak chef Kim, suggested that Caleb (10y) help chop the vegetables and read me the recipe for Clam Chowder. He was very helpful and it turned out lovely - we even adapted the recipe to use White Rice Flour, so that it was Gluten Free for Declan. Teamwork.

Steve just walked in the room laughing, as he saw me trying to type with my nose pressed against the glass of the computer. It's ridiculous! Although I am very excited at the prospect of not having glasses slide down my nose, non-poking of eyes while inserting contacts, and actually being able to see my hand in front of my face.

I did get some knitting done last night on the Kors Cabled Tunic. Did I mention I love this pattern and yarn? I'd like to knit on it tonight, but am certain I would screw it up with not being able to see what I was up to.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fog Free Post

So, finally, a post without the haziness of my medicine in my system. I'm in a rush, but have realized that one of the reasons I stall on posting is because I feel the need to post these huge indept and extravagant blogs. Ain't Happening? Reality is.. I'm the mother of four young kids. So, short stumpy posts is what you're going to get. love it or leave it.

Anyway, point of the post is ... I finally decided on a new project and am in love. It's the Michael Kors Cabled Tunic from the fall Vogue Knitting. It's lovely and a pleasure to knit. I'm using Classic Elite's Wool Bam Boo in a silvery grey color, which I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting with. It glides through the fingers.

I checked out the new preview for Vogue Knitting Magazine yesterday and there are a few items I'm interested on knitting. Don't you find that's always the case? You can't find anything to knit (I know this never happens to Marji or Jae, but for some of us it does) and then once you start something, there's tons of projects trying to tempt you away.

Take the blanket in Noro on Knitty - Lizard Ridge. I'm fighting the urge to pick up some needles and start knitting this. I'm not sure I'll be able to resist much longer. I just don't know how to be monogamous to my knitting. I'm a dirty dirty yarn slut. There. I've said it. I'm the Meredith Gray of knitting (ref: Gray's Anatomy) However, I'm not ready for a 12-step program yet. I think I'm ready for a 12 project on the needles program, so am off to abandon my reserve and get nasty with some Noro.

note: See Marji - apparently it's not the meds that make me send out strange posts. I'm naturally that way.