Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Flying By..

Things I've done since posting last...

1. Attended three different meetings regarding various PTO activities.
2. Knit one block in Noro Kureyon for Lizard Ridge (loving it)
3. Watched one of the kids Pop Warner Football game
4. Ordered my thanksgiving turkey
5. Attended a cooking class
6. Attended a roundtable scout meeting
7. Missed a wedding - I'm an idiot what can I say - I wrote it on the calendar on the wrong day
8. Spent a few hours with the whole family at a corn maze and pumpkin farm - it was a blast
9. Took 3 kids to get their teeth cleaned
10. Started and almost finished an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket
11. Bought some new clothes
12. Bought some new Le Creuset dishes for the kitchen
13. Viewed some building lots to buy
14. Signed papers on building a new office building
15. Cooked an amazing Pork Pot Roast with navy beans and dried cranberries (see cooking light issue - most recent)
16. Knit another ball on the Michael Kors Cable Tunic
17. Received the new Knitters Magazine and promptly gave it away, as it was complete crap.

I did more stuff, but having four kids plays with the mind so I don't recall what else I accomplished, but I'm sure that many loads of laundry were somehow involved.

Well, I'm off to cub scouts, I guess I better figure out what I'm doing with the boys tonight.

BTW, winter has arrived in the Northwoods. It snowed this afternoon for an hour or so. It didn't stick, but gave us a taste of what we can expect to see over the next few months.


Carrie k said...

Snow? SNOW?! I'm so jealous! It got into the 60's today. I'm so sick of warm weather.

Wow, that sounds like an awful lot accomplished. I need to nap.

Are you making the Michael Kors tunic the length it is in Vogue?

Marina said...

When do you sleep?

You can keep the snow or send it to Carrie ;-) Cold, I don't mind because that means I can knit in comfort and wear all my new woolies!

Jae said...

Your list made me tired. Not so tired that I am going to look for the pork pot roast, but tired enough that I think I need to not move off the couch.

It is snowing here today. Not enough to stick but if it snows all weekend as predicted, it will by Monday.

kweaver said...

Oh the Le Crueset. You tease! I am jealous.

Teresa said...

Are you playing sock wars? There that signed up as knittin brit but no one has heard from them. There was a snafu with YM sending out the dossiers and we are trying to find "quiet" people to find out if they are playing or not. Could you email me or post to the sockwars forum either way.

Marji said...

With the difference being little kid activities vs visiting big kids, we're on some of the same page here. The piece I mentioned I bought but wouldn't say because it is for my son, was Le Crueset. My fav all-time pot that I use more than any other, have had it for 23 years, is the size 30 covered saute pan - round shallow casserole. Gave my brother one 10 years ago, he loves it too, now just gave my son one. Which piece (s) did you buy?
glad the knitting is progressing.