Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can't see the Forest for the Trees

Okay, I'm not dead, but had just fallen off the edge of the knitting blogland for a while. I've been incredibly busy, but haven't we all. Here's a quick update of what's being going on in the D household over the past 6 weeks.

  • I had my Lasik Surgery! I can see. It was so easy and painless. I would strongly recommend this to anyone considering it. It was well worth it.
  • Baby E caught a bad strain of Strep C (yes, usually it's found in animals - last time I checked I have no animals in my house, just children - maybe that's the same thing). He had a fever of 106F and they couldn't get an IV started on him - 9 tries. Poor kid! It also took 3 tries to get a catheter going and that caused more pain and discomfort for him over the next week than any high fever of ear and throat infection could of. This happened 3 days after having the lasik surgery, so I looked particularly strange, stood in the emergency room at 3am with sunglasses on, so that the bright lights in the ER wouldn't bother my eyes. He's doing great now, although he does have a fear of the doctor's office since those traumatic few days.
  • Many PTO activities have taken place that I have organized - installation of climbing wall, book fair, Fall Festival, Blood Drive, purchasing DVD players for all the classrooms, bake sales. Along witht he ridiculous amount of drama that some mothers want to cause. Word for the wise: Avoid positions within the PTO like the plague. My kids love seeing around the school though and having me so involved, so that makes it worth it.
  • Purchased a new site for dh's new clinic and started construction. Still trying to decide on what colors are best for dental offices. dh did look a little put off, when I suggested that it didn't matter what color the walls were, nobody actually liked going to the dentist office.
  • I've been doing a big clean out of all the cupboards in this house - we have stuff stashed everywhere. I always get a big case of spring cleaning right before the holidays, as I know that more stuff will be entering the house.
  • I'm preparing for some afterschool classes I'm teaching at the Elementary School, one of which starts today. I'm teaching teamwork and problem solving using the climbing wall with the 3rd-5th graders.
  • Reading - I have been reading alot. I read Jean Plaidy's Victoria Victorious and highly recommend it. I then purchased the A&E/BBC mini series Victoria and Albert to watch - loved it. I read the Alchemist - I'm still trying to decide if I liked it or not. A bunch of fun quick reads - Richard Paul Evans Finding Noel, The Sunflower. Not the best literary works, but the reading equivalent of knitting a scarf or dishcloth for a fast fix.
  • Knitting - has been rather limited, but has started to pick up again. I did whip out a bunch of dishcloths (I know, not the most interesting, but necessary, and it was nice to have a FO after an hour). The weather finally started to turn on us and I have been knitting some socks - which I'm thoroughly enjoying. The sock draw was looking pretty empty, and I've fallen in love with Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn (thanks to Marji - from a summer project colorswap) and have purchased some more skeins in different colorways. I've decided to try out some different sock patterns to experiment with.
I have noticed a recurring theme on many blogs that knitters are feeling a little overwhelmed with the stash they have and many yarns that they don't think they'll ever use. I have been feeling a strong need to basically start fresh and have been strongly considering eliminating all my stash and basically starting anew. I haven't knit like I normally do lately because I feel bogged down by this excessive stash. So watch for a huge cleanout in the next few days. I am considering combining it into 3 lots and getting rid of it.

Any thoughts? I feel like I can't see the forest for the trees. I can't get into a project for all the balls of yarn falling all over the place. We'll see!!!

To some of my favorite bloggers out there - missing you and hoping you're having a lovely holiday season.


Marina said...

Phew! I'm tired just from reading all you've been up to but always happy to hear from you.

Don't let me buy your stash ;-) Three big lots? Seems easier that way but how are you going to decide which goes where? Colour? Weight?

Glad you can see now. Always helps ;-) But poor baby! I would have protested and asked for someone else. Glad he's better.

Jae said...

I second Marina. I'm exhausted just reading through that list!

I feel so bad for your boy. I can relate to the IV problem. Been there, hated it.

So how are you going to unload the stash? I would think by fiber or weight. Most people gravitate towards a particular type of yarn over color. Then again....

Carrie K said...

Poor Baby E! Glad he's better but good grief.

You posted! Yay!

De-stashing? Overwhelmed by choice? Hmm. I might have help you out there.

Marji said...

I need to just call you so we can have a good chat. Whew you've been busy.
Note from someone else who's felt overwhelmed by stash several times over the last year - sit on it til after the holidays.
Just shove it all back in those dark boxes and drawers out of the light of day and out of sight, and get about doing what you need to do.
Then, after the holidays, after the holiday let-down, have a good go at it with a discerning eye, and decide what you really want to part with, and what you might just fall in love with all over again. I mean, yeah, it's good for the economy for you to chuck it all and start collecting again, but seriously Kim....just sit on it for awhile. I know some of what you've got, and it's lovely lovely stuff.