Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Isn't knitting sweet?!

My friend forwarded this to me. She knows how much I love both knitting and all things sweet (especially cupcakes).

Good Enough to Eat!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Red Carpet Time

Okay, I couldn't be bothered to grab the red carpet from the Mud Room for them to stand on, but here is our Little Princess and Cool Dude ready to leave for their Spring Concert at Elementary School.

To get the ready for the event, Cool Dude had asked me if I could rent him a Tuxedo. Sucker that I am, went in search of one, but didn't feel like shelling out $80 for one night. So, he decided to go with his suit and act out the GQ part in that. Apparently, he was a hit with the girls. (The player in Cool Dude really worries me sometimes - those eyes can make anyone melt).

Little Princess on the other hand, knew exactly what dress in her closet she wanted to wear, but did ask for her hair to just be put in a pony tail. Mum refused, so the Big Curling Event took place. LP has such long hair, and so very much of it, that it takes almost an hour to curl her hair.Here's a picture of LP smiling, because we're almost done. Her legs were going numb. Mommy had inhaled too many fumes from hair spray and they both had a fit of the giggles somewhere during the process.Look how beautiful her hair looks all curled. She has such pretty hair with so many natural shades and highlights of blond. Grandma DeMille once asked me if I colored her hair (I think she was about 2 at the time) :) and others have asked where her pretty blond hair comes from and if she's adopted. People shock me sometimes. For those wondering out there, Steve had blond hair when he was younger, which has now been replaced with many gray hairs and in some places an absence of hair, all of which having me for a wife and four kids have been the cause. We all think he's gorgeous. Also, I don't know if this counts, I have plenty of blond moments myself and am not sure that having a ditz for a mum somehow contributed to her stunning blond locks.
The Finished Product!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No apologies, No regrets, Just busy with life!

I haven't posted for a while. I'm not going to apologize because life has gotten in the way. It is what it is. I'm attending Camp 2 at Schoolhouse Press this year again and have been mulling over what I would like to attempt for my show and tell. Voila! Look what just appeared (okay, I bought it, but will deny it if the stash police are watching) on my doorstep. The Moroccan Days Kit from Woolen Rabbit. Isn't it pretty. I need to order 5,000 (yes, that's right - I did type in correctly five thousand) beads for it and then I can get cracking on it. I know it's entirely possible that I won't get it completed in the next three months, but who knows, I work well under pressure and deadlines... and this would definitely be a lot of pressure. I could have gone with the Moroccan Days Little Sister, but I wanted a nice meaty challenge. Do you think I got one?

BTW, don't you think that spring is interesting?! Interesting isn't exactly the word I used when I looked out of my window on Friday and saw this!!!!