Monday, November 26, 2007


I returned home today from a playdate and some errands to find a package on my doorstep today. It was the mitten kit I had ordered from Leena at Riihivilla. Isn't it packaged beautifully (My Treo does not take great pictures). So, of course, I ignored all those pesky chores, dishes and loads of laundry and sat by bum down and swatched the yarn. It's beautiful. Very soft and lovely to knit with. My only dilemma is that I stupidly ordered only one kit. I a nothing, but willing to admit to my purchasing mistake and will rectify the situation by purchasing a kit and color selection once I'm done posting. I suggest you do likewise. Why shouldn't you buy yourself a little holiday gift - I get tired of getting every body else presents.

This week I have quite a few projects to post updates on and some new ones that have been started. So, maybe we'll get more than one post this week. Of course, don't hold your breath.


Marina said...

You, dummy ;-)

The first item is always expensive to ship. Buying 2, 3, 4 ... makes the shipping seem reasonable/cheap! At least, that's the way I justify buying multiple items.

Marji said...

LOL, gotta love Marina's logic. I love that mitten too. I've got two coming, but mine are behind yours, as I didn't pay for them immediately, stupidly waiting on the funding of paypal from a sale on ebay. Can't wait to see your progress.

Denise said...

The kit looks awesome. Where did you order it from? I think I have to have one of those.