Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I couldn't help myself!

One of the reasons that I rarely post pictures is that my camera is never near by when I'm knitting and then I'm too lazy to download the pics from the camera, blah, blah, blah. Pitiful excuse - I know! However, yesterday afternoon as I was happily knitting away on Chinatown, I stopped to measure my progress on the armhole. I had to move my Treo out of the way so that I could lay it out. I was happily smiling away at my work and thinking how wonderful knitting was and maybe I should wander out to the street to find someone else to admire my handiwork, when I thought better of it and decided to snap a picture, you know, for posterity's sake. Now understand that I am never without my phone (Marji and Jae could tell you that from Stitches) and I often use it for snapping quick pic's of the kids and emailing them to my Mum and Dad. Why on earth, has it not occurred to me to take pictures of my knitting with this handy little device before. Any suggestions? Anyway, the point is... here are a couple pics of Chinatown. Isn't she pretty?
The cording was so easy and fun to do. Sometimes it's the simple things in knitting that impress me the most. Like turning the heel on a sock. My husband gets tired of having to clap and cheer at the amazing heel that appeared out of nowhere.

I doubt that I'll make a lot of progress today on this though, as yesterday I ran in to the yarn store with Caleb (11) to pick up the rest of the yarn for Chinatown and he fell in love with a hat that Beth (owner of Black Purl) had hung up. It was a Dale Hat from the 1999 Vail book. I'll snap a picture later and post it. Beth loves Caleb (what's not to love about a boy who a) has wanted to be James Bond since he was 4, b) is fascinated with politics and would actively debate winningly with most adults, if it was the polite thing to do; and c) has informed Beth that whenever she needs help she is to call him and he'll gladly help her wind yarn, take out the trash, attach photos to hundreds of patterns) ... and so, she gave it to him. Despite my protests. He loved it and proudly wore it into the house, which immediately prompted Declan to fall in love with it himself and ask me if I thought I'd be able to knit one for him by Saturday when he is going to the Polar Cub Scout Camp up north. Obviously, these kids have supernatural powers of persuasion (or just incredibly cute eyes) that made me say "well, I'm sure I could". So, today I stopped by the yarn store and grabbed some yarn for the hat to knit for Declan. He would like it knit in Chicago Bear colors (remember this is Wisconsin, and this could get the kid beat down at School, but he is very loyal and understands the price you pay to support greatness!!! Go Bears!) I been working on it this afternoon for a little while and I feel like I'm in the Knitting Olympics again.

P.S. Steve asked me to make him one today as well, so that he could have one to take Declan to the Polar Camp. I bought him a North Face one instead. I doubt he'll know the difference. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't knit two before Saturday - I have too much to do; besides, it's not like my name is Marina. She could whip out two fair isle hats in her sleep.


Carrie K said...

Chinatown looks great! I used to use my cameraphone for all my blog pix until I got the digital. It's handy. It would be nice to have just one drag-around-technology.

Aww. Go Caleb! Politics and persuasion? Uh oh.

Two Dale hats by Saturday? I probably couldn't finish one.

Marina said...

I've never knitted a pattern with cording. It really gives the pattern that something extra. Love your colour combination!

Brrr, why are all these camps in winter? We just had the Pinewood Derby which was a disaster with parents cheating!

Hey! According to Lorraine, I've got elves who help me knit ;-)

Julia said...

Hey, I have a little Caleb at home too, though he's not talking much yet so I haven't witnessed the magical powers of persuasion that your little guy has.

Marji said...

I believe Lorraine!
Brrr, I did the polar bear camp thing once with the boy scouts (hey, my kids didn't have a dad and all the parents knew me, knew that I was ski patrol and a camper/hiker, so I went) I can remember tent camping in -5F weather, up near the Straits of Mackinac.
Did they have a good time?
Way to go mom for knitting a cap in the Bears colors. Puleeze don't tell anyone around here you did that, pretty please!

Marji said...

love the cording (forgot to say that)
do you have a whole pic of Chinatown yet?