Monday, January 29, 2007

Hats Off to Me

Yes, Carrie K, I did cave in and whip out the hat for Steve. I modified it a little to make it more of a fit for his style.
I picked colors to match his snow gear. It's knit in Cascade Yarns Bollicine Dolly - 100% Merino. It feels so soft. I did the inside of the hat in black and changed the pattern around (refer to previous posts showing Dec's hat for comparison). He liked it.

Ethan was sick this weekend, so I didn't get any knitting done on Chinatown, as what freetime I had was in making a special dinner for Steve's birthday last night,getting Caleb's stuff together for his camp out at the School Forest and holding Ethan while he wimpered in my arms (poor baby).

E has double ear infections, but seems to be feeling a little better than he was. I plan on grabbing a book, sitting down and getting some knitting done this afternoon. Okay, I may throw in a batch of laundry or two, but otherwise it's knitting time.

I did a little bit of digging through one of the Stash Bins today. I'm always shocked at some of what I find in there, yarn that I bought thinking I couldn't live without it, only to shove it in the box and forget about it. It seems like such a waste to have this beautiful yarn just sitting there.

I'm posting some of it on Destash for Cash later. This is the first batch that's going up:

7 balls of Rowan 4 Ply Cotton - 50g 186yds Col SH118 Lot 2418 (olive green) mrsp $6.50 (45.50)
4 balls of Rowan 4 Ply Cotton - 50g 186 yds Colr white - 1 ball does not have label mrsp 6.50 (26.00)
2 balls of Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille 50g Dark Navy - 145 m - one ball does not have label
2 balls of Anny Blatt Angora Super - Blue Variegated116 yds mrsp 21.00 (42.00)
1 wound skeins Donegal Tweed Olive Green - may have been swatched with mrsp 10.99 (10.99)
2 wound skein Donegal Tween Dark Green - may have been swatched with MRSP 10.99 (21.98)
2 wound skeins Donegal Tweed Dark Blue - may have been swatched with MRSP 10.99 (21.98)
2 wound skeins Donegal Tweed Medium Blue - may have been swatched with MRSP 10.99 (21.98)
4 skeins Great Adirondack Frills yarn in Black Violet Colorway 100 yds each MRSP 10.00 (40.00)
1 wound skein Great Adirondack Frills yarn in black violet colorway - may have been swatched MRSP (10.00)

In total, this lot would be over $240 to purchase. I'm selling the lot for $100.00 plus actual postage. or will sell it individually for 50% of the MRSP.

I've gone back and forth with getting rid of some of this, but I feel a greater need to declutter and reduce the stash to only what I love. I keep feeling guilt when I look at it and quite honestly I've got other projects in mind that I'd like to knit, so I'm moving on.


Carrie K said...

You caved and it looks great! Nice and muted.

You can't knit all the time you know. Ear infections? In both? Yowza.

Oh NO! Not gorgeous yarn! You don't have any Donegal Tweed in light blue, do you?

Marina said...

That looks great! Happy (belated) Birthday, Steve!

What do they say about the best laid plans? Oh well, hope Ethan is feeling better!

Guilt? Sometimes but not often though the last part of that sentence is so true ;-) That's what I tell my stash and a couple of the WIPs!

Jae said...

Hey, if you feel better unloading the yarn, than more power to you!! It's no good to have yarn laying around that is more guilt than pleasure.

Hope E gets to feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Proselytize people to knitting - I love it. Not a word one hears every day (at least not here). My friends always pick on me because I use words in everyday conversation that they were not even aware were actual words. I guess that is due to my voracious appetite for reading.

I get the decluttering thing. I decluttered some computer software in December on ebay. This month, I'm planning on decluttering some books (lots of cookbooks, and some other books, many read only once or never read at all) - probably also on ebay. At this point, my yarn stash is not large enough to declutter. I do have a moratorium on yarn purchases (unless to finish a project, for a specific class that starts within 2 weeks, or for a specific project with a fixed deadline that will begin within 2 weeks) .

twellve said...

whoa. i was shocked to find out that you live in Wausau, much less a Brit here (it's not exactly known for it's diversity...).

drop me a line if you like, maybe we're neighbors and don't even know it. at the very least, maybe i could help you with your destashing efforts and save you the trouble of mailing it. ;)

twellvis [at] gmail [dot] com