Sunday, October 14, 2007

You are #34362 on the list.

Ahhh! Patience is not a virtue I possess. There are 5790 people ahead of me on Ravelry. Which is good progress considering three weeks ago, there were over 13,000 people ahead of me. The only twisted pleasure I get from the antsy checker is that there are 9693 people behind me.

Meanwhile, I finished a hat for my son, have completed 1/3 of my quilt piecing and have stitched a pillow for Christmas decorations.

Maybe if I keep busy enough the time will pass faster.

Maybe I shouldn't check the Antsy checker on Ravelry every five minutes.

You decide.


Marina said...

It's good that you're finding time to knit, quilt and stitch right now because once you join Ravelry, you might not have time for those things!

Friender said...

Ah you'll get in soon, I'm sure. Look me up when you're in! ("Friender") which is Jen from Meg's Knitting workshop this past Sept.

Marji said...

you'll get in faster than you think, judging by how fast others are quoting their entry times.
Must go check out your quilt, oh, ok, how far along are you?
oh, and yes, I came totally clean, that is the whole UFO list.

Carrie K said...

You should be in pretty quick.

And yes, the time will go much faster if you knit. Also do you know there's something like 70 days until Christmas?