Friday, October 03, 2008


I know I've dropped off the face of cyberland for a few days, but lots has been happening. Will fill in with lots more details next week on the following:

Mum in very serious car accident.
Six football games.
New braces
Lots of baking
Six hour drive and lots of wildlife
One retreat in Northern Michigan with Sally Melville

Anybody else doing the Mystery Sock KAL?


Jessica said...

Oh no. I hope your mom is all right.
I've been so busy lately. School starting just shuffles everything.

Angie said...

Hope your life settles down, but with kids I'm not sure if it settles down until they leave the house. Hope your mum is doing ifne. Take care.

Carrie K said...

Well the retreat sounds lovely but your mom? I hope the seriousness has downgraded a bit!

Lucy said...

Hope Mum is ok!

Marina said...

Hope I'm not putting my foot in my mouth .... but, hasn't "next week" come and gone?

Hope your mum has recovered.