Sunday, February 19, 2012

Curled Around His Little Finger

I've been gone for awhile because I've been so busy with the kids. Four kids and their activities keeps me a little busy (read crazy) sometimes. However, my oldest son Caleb is such a pure delight and truly makes life as easy as can be. Over this past year or so of my not being well he has been my rock. I adore this child and try to support him as much as I can in all of his endeavors. He is so passionate about Curling, which is a huge sport in Wisconsin. Yes, it is a sport. In fact, it's nickname is Chess on Ice. It takes a great deal of skill, effort and strategy. He has been busy with a lot of games and Bonspiels over the past month of so. He and his buds put together a team for Badger State Games and took Silver and this past weekend, his High School Varsity team participated in the High School State Championship for Curling in Portage, WI so I went to watch him. They won most of their games and lost out from getting into the Semi-finals on a shoot-out when they tied for a place for the semi's. It was pretty intense. I couldn't be more proud.

So I find it funny that as he is my rock many times, he also has a love for the Curling Rocks. We have a very close relationship and I loved watching him as he played this past weekend. It was so intense that I was knitting a baby sweater and I was supposed to start the armhole shaping at 3", but I found that I'd knit right on through to almost 6" before I'd realized what I'd done. I thought I would share some photos from this past weekend to show you what I'd been watching.

Enjoy the pics. Caleb is the handsome blonde with the glasses. So handsome! I am obviously completely curled around his finger.

This is an old picture (Christmas 2010) but I love it. I couldn't love this kid anymore!

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Angie said...

KIM! I know CURLING! There is a curling rink here in Triumph, Illinois, not 20 miles from my house! I think it is one of the only in Illinois. SO fun~ If you ever head to Curling in IL, Please give me a shout-out!