Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moving on

No excuses will be wasted. I've just allowed life to run over me a bit. Knitting has been taking place though. Currently I'm working on "Lightweight Pullover" by Hannah Fettig in Sunday Knits Nirvana 5ply. It's nots of stocking stitch which leads to great tv knitting but can be rather monotonous at times. I'm really looking forward to wearing this sweater come fall. It's going to be deliciously soft and comfy. I'd post a picture but it's brown stocking stitch, not too much to see. I may try it on and show a process pic soon as its top down. This is the first year in six years that I haven't gone to knitting camp and I'm feeling sad about it. I miss seeing the old crew, not having my annual Jess of Rosekimknits and stephanie fix and will miss a week of saturating myself in the wonders of Meg Swansen et al. I'm so close that I keep thinking about heading over there one night and gate crashing for a night of knitting. Hmmmmm... We'll see. Ravellenics 2012 is coming up and I am thinking of what to knit for it and what team I should join. I have a couple projects in mind that I could pick from to knit for team schoolhouse, but otherwise I don't have any other teams to decide from. Any ideas? All help appreciated.

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James said...

I'm glad to see a post from you. I didn't go to camp this year, either. Our little group did just get together for 4 days of knitting in Indiana. Seeing the title of your post made me think of this:

Hope you're doing well!