Monday, January 16, 2006

Introducing the Knittin Brit in WI!

Well, everybody! Let's get the intro taken care of.

My name is Kim and I'm a Knitaholic! No, it's not just some cheesey line - its the truth. At night, I debate whether I should take my sleeping pill or take advantage of the insomnia for more knitting time. Many times the knitting wins, and my poor and unfortunate kids and husband pay the price of having a cranky, tired, knitaholic in the house suffering from withdrawls the next day. I started knitting when I was 5 and was taught by my beautifully talented Nanny Taylor (nee Grandmother) who always inspired me to create and give to others. Whenever a baby was born she would hand over a garbage bag of tiny size 0 needle sweaters, cardi's and pants/dresses for the newbie.

I knitted fairly sporadically for the next 25 years and then moved to Wausau, WI and stayed home with the then 3, now 4, little sprogs. (aged now, 10, 7, 4, and 1) I was wandering around downtown Wausau (takes all of about 5 mins to hit every store) and discovered Black Purl. Knitting Nirvana. I grabbed a project and have never stopped since. I have more yarn than Imelda had shoes. There are projects dotted all around my house, the kitchen (remember a watched pot never boils, but can boil over if the pot won't listed to the "one more row" request, the bathroom (for when hiding from kids and faking stomache upset), the living room (when trying to look interested in visitors with fake smile while trying not to let them see lips moving when counting 2 black, 2 green, 2 black, 1 green on Dale sweater sleeve).

Obviously I have issues, but my husband never really complains as he recalls how expensive therapy was for 1 session a week when afraid was going to drown kids. It probably wasn't the best to quit working right around the Andrea Yates deal and 2 weeks after having 3rd child and move to new state. He thinks knittings a deal - let 's see - 1 session per week $150x4=$600. Even I can't knit that many projects, although I am capable of purchasing that much yarn per month for said projects.

So, as previously mentioned I lack clear thinking when it comes to knitting and felt compelled to sign up with YarnHarlots Olympic Knitting 2006 Challenge Event and am trying to finish other projects before the Feb 10 start date so can complete a Philosophers Wool Sweater by the end of the Olympics (yes, that's 2 weeks).

Basically, I love to knit and when not knitting I love to read about knitting, but unfortunately I have found that reading about knitting does not work as bedtime reading, as after reading about knitting, I feel compelled to get out of bed and sit in the closet and knit for a while, then when tired I get back in bed and read again ... and I think you can see where this is going.

Well, that's me for now. Incredibly happily married to the most supportive man I know, and have 4 hilarious, intelligent and inspiring (yes, don't forget exhausting) children. I love you guys.

Now, I've talked about knitting enough and have to go run upstairs and knit.

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