Friday, January 20, 2006

Knitting in the Car

Just a quick post tonight as am knackered. We went to Appleton this afternoon (nearest larger town/smaller city). Unfortunately we went too late to go to the yarn stores, so I knit away on my Socks that Rock. I had bought the yarn end of November, but only got as far as the ribbing on sock #1 - then a couple of weeks ago, I got the heel turned and started on the foot. Well, thank goodness for car trips, because I got the first sock finished and am half way through the 2x2 ribbing on sock # 2. The only problem with the yarn is that its a little slick and it likes to fly off the size 1 needles; so when it got dark I used the book night lights/reading lamps that Santa was kind enough to put in the kiddies stockings. They work really well. Santa got them at Radio Shack, and they were only $3.99. They clip perfectly onto my seat belt and give just enough light, but no so much that it bothers DH while he's driving. He did occasionally look over at me and laugh, but that was mainly when I felt the need to tell the slippery little buggers (nee stitches) to stop jumping off the bloody needles and behave themselves.

I didn't get anything done on my Dale today, so will have to work extra hard tomorrow as in order to keep on schedule I must have the sleeve (#2) finished by Sunday and I'm about 2/3+ of the way there.

I was very excited when I came home and looked on my blog today and saw that I got my first comment (and not from a friend - as I have been unusually shy about them seeing my poor grammar) from "Jon" - although aren't all knitters brothers and sisters - I know I'm extremely lame, I can't help it, I'm a mother of 4 kids - enough said. He informed me of a knitalong for Philosophers Wool. Yippee! I've been looking for a KAL or group about PW, as I know I'll have some questions. Yeah "Jon"! May your days be filled with many knitted stitches!

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Shell said...

Hi there!
Just found your blog via Yarn Harlot's Olympic challenge. I am American, but my husband is British. We were just over to see his mother and son and spent some time in Plymouth. Love the town, not so much so the son (and naughty NAUGHTY children). Anyway, now I have someone new to check on since you've started to blog!