Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm On My Way to Victory & Happiness Today (I love that song!)

I have been absolutely terrible - Terrible, I tell you - at posting regularly. Here's the update on the knitting front. I started the Dale Agave body and after about 3 in's discovered that my ribbing was too loose and was flaring, so I ripped it off the needles and then had a hard time restarting. So, in the meantime, I completed some Socks That Rock in Deseret Bloom, started another pair in Jaywalker pattern in Carbon colorway (still on needles), Knit a cow print hat (still needing to be felted) for Little E, Completed 1st ballet slipper to be felted for Princess M and then completed 2nd ballet slipper (of course, I didn't felt it yet- procrastination is an art form), finalized the stitch patter I wanted to do for a throw for living room in Baby Grande Alpaca (it's delicious- pics will come later)

And finally, yesterday I started my PW Color My Own sweater sleeve. I didn't start until last night after 9pm and didn't get a whole bunch done as Dr. Tim put me on some funky new meds he wanted me to try that make my head incredibly fuzzy, so my speed was down and being aware of funkiness side effects I knit slow and cautiously. You remember the story of the Turtle and the Hare - I'm being the hare, but don't worry I'll get there (obviously a side effect of drugs is that I start rhyming - not my forte).

I also have officially joined Team Deseret. After a lot of deliberation I decided to find a team that I could connect with and that are positive and upbeat. I'm so impressed, in addition to the Olympics, during that time they are going to work on some squares for Warm Up America. I'm going to try to whip out a couple when PW FairIsle starts to make me go cross eyed.

I'm so excited, but now I need to go knit as HunkyHubbie and WantabeDevil have gone to get some new tennis shoes. MiniAlexKeaton is busy doing piano practice and then is going to play with friends. I have promised Princess M that I'll watch a movie with her (so I can knit).

Have fun knitting peeps!

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