Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yet another proud mum moment!

It was Madison's turn to make me cry and feel like the proud mum. It was her Preschool Graduation on Friday. We spent a lovely warm day on the top of Rib Mt. playing, grilling and watching the ceremony.

The orange cap in the pics doesn't match her dress, but they were their official graduation hats that they made in class. She did such a nice job and made us so proud. I'll admit I'm not sure that I want her to start school this fall, but she is determined to. I know better than to mess with a strong-willed woman.

On the knitting front - I did cast on for the Tudor KAL on Eliz I. Unfortunately I haven't gotten very far with it, as we have been so busy with activities the past few days. I have also whipped out the bag part of the
Noni Bobbles Everywhere bag and am planning on whipping out the 192 bobbles .... yes, I did say 192 ... and will felt it this week.

Seeing as we don't have family within 1,300+ miles we decided we would go and stay at a Waterpark/Hotel so that the kids could have some fun. Personally, as usual, I wanted to go to Chicago, but the kids won the vote. The Dells would seem like the obvious choice, but seeing as half of the MidWest was heading there, we thought we'd stay a little closer to home. We stayed
here. Not my usual class of hotel, so I tried not to complain about the room. Despite my reservations we had a blast. Steve and I took turns playing with the younger two in the kiddie play pools and racing down the slides with the older boys. We went out to eat and had fun being a family.

I really needed the good time with the family as I had some very sad news on Wednesday. My Uncle Peter (well, not really my uncle, but I still called him that) died of Bone Cancer. We knew it was coming, but was still a shock. The bigger shock for me was that his ex-wife (who he still desperately loved) was trying to get back to visit with him before he died from California. On Monday he told my dad, his best friend, that he was ready to go, but wanted to see "his" Pauline one last time. She quickly tried to change tickets to get there sooner and was in the air, 4 hours from landing, when he passed. This was so upsetting to me, as my family lives in England and my dad is not in the best of health, and I am afraid that I wouldn't get back in time if something were to happen to him or Mum. I almost flew home on Friday, but decided to wait until July or later this summer for a better planned visit. I loved Uncle Peter. He was an amazing man and will be deeply missed.


Carrie K said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. Yes, the distance thing adds another factor to the equation, but then again, there's no guarantee that closer proximity would be any different, you know? My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh, and congrats to the new grad! She looks so proud. They made those hats?

No one can get too far on their Eliz I! I haven't even gotten my yarn yet. Okay, fine, it's my own darn fault (and backorders) but still.

Lynne said...

192 Bobbles??? I never did the math! I haven't started my bobble bag yet...still gathering colors. Did you buy all of that cascade for the bobbles???

Lynne said...

You can grab a button from my website..."I Knit a Noni!" Join the club!

The Crafty Weasel said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I know what it is to live more than 3,000 miles from home. My grandmother died last year and couldn't even make it in time for her funeral. A big hug to you.

Marji said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Congrats on the "graduation", it is the first of many to come. They now graduate from 6th grade, 8th, high school, and then hopefully from wherever they go from there. ;)
your family fun park vacay sounded just perfect.

Terri said...

Hi Kim, Thanks for stopping by my blog. So sorry to read about your Uncle Peter loss.

I've decided to as my Tudor Roses KAL to do Henry VII.

Cute pictures of the kids.

Helen said...

You're a braver woman than I,
I'd never make it through all those bobbles!

What yarn will you be using for Eliz. I??? I plan to knit it, but haven't made my yarn decision yet..

Karla said...

Kim, I'm so sorry for you losing your "Uncle" Peter. I can tell you loved him.

Beautiful graduation pictures of the children! I know you are so proud.

Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!