Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals

One of the blogs I read, Skeins Her Way, is having a Summer Knitting Goals Contest and although I've been training myself to overcome some of "join-itis" problem, this was one that was in line with what I wanted to do this summer.

Here goes.... 2008 Summer Knitting Goals

  1. Knit February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220 Paints. CO 6/12/08

  2. Finish Oblique Cardigan in Kathmandu Aran. All pieces have been knit, but I still need to pick up the front bands, and do the neck and sew together.

  3. Finish Riihivilla Rosebud Mittens. All that's left to do is graft the fingertips and block. ?? May need to rip and reknit one, as it appears i knit it on smaller needles.

  4. Finish Maddie's Kimono. Pick up neck and front bands and sew together.

  5. Sew side seams on Vivian Hoxbro's Rainbow Jacket in fall colors.

  6. Cast on Moroccan Days in Woolen Rabbit Laceweight (kit). Try to get halfway completed.

  7. Knit at least one pair of socks.
  8. Knit (already cast on, but only about 5 inches knit) on Lupine Cardigan in Canadian Regal.
  9. Knit Butterfly Jacket by EZ in Inca Alpaca.
  10. Knit "LP" a Debbie Bliss Cardigan (can't remember name) in DB Baby Cashmerino.
  11. Finish Mimbres Vest in Québécoise.

There's definitely more that I want to work on (and probably will at least cast on) this summer, but this initial list will do.

I'd really like to get a good chunk of it completed before I head to Knitting Camp next month. After all, who needs sleep. It's completely over rated.


Jessica said...

Gee is that all? :)

Carrie K said...

What Jessica said. You realize summer is only 3 months, right?

Knitting Camp! Sounds fun. Schoolhouse?