Saturday, January 31, 2009

Squeezing In

Squeezing in at the last minute is Lima from Penzance. For those of you who don't know, I hate finishing - HATE it! Have no problem with happily knitting numerous projects to the point of needing finishing and then my putting it happily away until I get sick of it and get my mum to sew it together when she comes for a visit.

However, this is a new year and I'm trying new things. It's not that I can't finish things, I just don't like to. I quite happily sew away on numerous projects, but sewing finished items together is just not my idea of fun. I set myself a goal this year that I stop all this silly business of not finishing projects and make sure that at least one project a month crossed the finish lines.

Hence, our first FO of the year.

I guess you could say that she's not completely finished because I haven't blocked her, and I hear that there is quite a bit of growth that takes place with this yarn and pattern during that process, which would be very helpful considering the weight I gained over the past month eating Cream Teas (every day) in England, and then sitting next to EB in his bed while he recovered coloring and playing Thomas the Tank Engine DVD Bingo. Thank heavens that I have an appointment back at the gym on Monday, and a deadline of two weeks for my friends wedding and seven pounds to lose. I can do it. Mind over matter. That's what I did when I got down to business and announced to the family today that I would be busy sewing together this project and weaving in fifteen skeins worth of ends .... blurgh!!!!

I did also manage to bake some Gluten Free Brownies for Dec. I discovered this week Amazon Prime and I have been fully taking advantage of it. Almost every day this week a package has shown up at our door with two day shipping for Free! I also discovered the benefit to buying Declan's Gluten Free products online in bulk at multiple discounts.

So, six boxes of Cherrybrook Kitchens Gluten Free Fudge Brownies arrived on Friday. Whipped up a batch this morning and I'd show you a picture of the brownies, but they have disappeared already. In between working on his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car, Dec appears to have had brownie fever. I'd normally not let the kids splurge on sugar like that, but this kid needs some serious fattening up and gluten free food isn't always the best, and believe me, these brownies most definitely were the best! Celiacs and non-Celiacs in our home proclaimed them some of the best they've had.


Jessica said...

Very cute. Only 11 to go!

marycatharine said...

That is a great idea, finishing things is so hard since all the ends are so demoralizing.

Jeanne said...

The Gluten Free Pantry's Truffle Brownie Mix is quite awesome (truly, even though a lot of their other stuff is so-so). And it makes a big pan, so I often take them to potlucks, etc. Everyone always asks for the recipe.