Monday, February 02, 2009

Paper Packages

On returning from picking up my little guy from preschool today, I discovered this wonderful package on my doorstep. Is there anyone out there who doesn't get excited when a package arrives for them? I most certainly do.

After soliciting some suggestions/advice from the blog readers, I went with my initial choice for the Seaweed Wrap from Virtual Yarns and am thrilled with the color Crotal that I selected.

Doesn't it just look mouthwatering. Yarn feels lovely. Nicely presented. Clear pattern.

No, I haven't cast on yet. Am trying to work on another project before I allow myself the opportunity play with this kit. Any bets on how long I'll last before my weak little control button flips off and I cast on? I'm not counting on holding out for long. I know my strengths and weaknesses.

Did anyone else buy a kit from Virtual Yarns? The drawing is still going on.


marycatharine said...

That's a great surprise! Even when I know mail is coming it's so much fun to open it up.

Denise said...

I know exactly how you feel. I just received two packages in the mail and it's such a treat.
The color of your choice is heavenly. Definitely on my color palette.

Carrie K said...

Perfect color. So pretty. You haven't cast on yet?

JoAnn said...

... How 'bout now?

The yarn is very rich looking and I'm sure it's just as soft as it looks. I hope to see it in person soon....