Thursday, February 05, 2009

Intervention Needed

I can admit it.

I'm out of control.

I can't stop buying Sundara yarn. Since Sunday, I have purchased three seperate orders from her with each limited batch of yarn she has been selling.

2 different sock yarns on Sunday.

1 sock yarn on Tuesday.

1 Laceweight yarn today.

Must..... Stop....Am losing control....Help requested!!!!!


Carrie K said...

I think you're looking for help in all the wrong places. Gorgeous yarn.

marycatharine said...

You just have to let it go... her yarn is too beautiful to worry about having a lot of.

Jessica said...

I told you I would help. Just send that green yarn you posted the other day to me. :)

Denise said...

I agree with Carrie. You are looking for help in the wrong place. I say, why say no to truly gorgeous yarn. Shop Away!!!

Jeanne said...

I'm with you! Sundara just keeps sending beautiful yarn. Can't.Stop.Myself. Therefore, Cant.Stop.You. :)

Lucy said...

I am in waaaay too deep with my own yarn buying problem to help solve yours. But hey, let me know when you run out of space to store it all then, I'm sure I could help... :-D