Friday, March 27, 2009

At least it's something

Just happened to look and see that it's been almost two months since I've posted. That doesn't seem write, because I know I've wrote a hundred posts in my mind - doesn't that count.

Too tired to write much today as the kids were on Spring Break this week, so I took them out of town to have some fun in Minneapolis. Last night we came home late, leaving 'The Cities' at around 10pm. The majority of them fell asleep within minutes of entering the car - one didn't even make it out of the Mall of America parking lot before crashing. I made sure that I was wide eyed on the way home with four snoozers in the car by drinking Diet Coke and listening to The Host by Stephanie Meyer on audiobook. It was a great choice, because although I had devoured the Twilight series last year, I had struggled with getting into the Host. It had sat on my bedside table for a few months now and this was the perfect way to dive in. Hooked. So, what did I do once I got home and got the munchkins into bed at 12:30pm. I laid in bed and read the book from where the tapes had ended (23.5 hours of audio - it's only 2.5 hours from the Cities to the Northwoods). Finally at 2:30am I forced myself to turn off the light and attempt to sleep. Sleep is not the easiest for me at the best of times and caffeine and the addiction to a book does not help. Still lots more to read, but I'm trying to keep focused and got a couple of things done today.

Sometime over the past couple of weeks (I don't recall when) my package from the Woolgirl Sock Club showed up. To be honest, lots of packages have been showing up at my door recently - the Sundara yarns I kept ordering and the Sundara Sweater Club yarn too showed up this week as well - will post pics tomorrow of those goodies for you to drool over.

There was so much stuff in the kit:

one skein of Zen Yarn Garden Sock Yarn.
2 patterns, one for a sock and one for a scarf
one pyramid gift box with one silver dusted and one gold dusted chocolate - eaten within seconds of opening package (yes, i have no self restraint)
A note card by one of Jen's favorite artists (involving sheep)
one magnet calendar with the shipment dates marked
a soak sample
a Mama Llama stitch marker
a Lantern Moon project bag
Container of some handmade hand cream
and a queen of knitting pen.
All nicely tied around the Cleopatra theme. Haven't cast on for the Majestic sock pattern yet included in the kit, as have been finishing some single socks that were hanging around and needed their twins knitted. I've slowly been finishing up some UFO's and it feels good, but I'm itching to start a new project.

I did start a new quilt that just's a quick little thing, I have the top done and need to put together the backing and then quilt it. It's very simple, fast quilting. Hopefully will be able to get that finished when the kids get back to school.


Denise said...

It hasn't been two months since I posted but I'm like you I've been posting in my mind everyday. I say it counts darn it...
Your "presents" all look great!! I'm jealous, since I've been on a yarn diet. Can't wait to see you finished UFO's. I'm also there with ya on that one. Though I did give in and cast on something new. I'll post soon.

marycatharine said...

Your kit looks great! I don't think I've ever seen packages as great as the ones in the Woolgirl Sock Club.

Jen said...

Thanks for your post! I'd say go for the baby quilt. It does take a fair amount of work for the finisher, but it was all stuff I could do while watching a movie or listening to an audiobook. And the mother was so pleased! Happy spring--hope it's warming up in WI.

Carrie K said...

And yet there are no more pictures of goodies delivered to your door for me to drool over yet.....

Nice haul from the Woolgirl Sock Club!

I love finding a book that I just HAVE to keep reading, if not so much the staying up half the night to do so the next day. :)