Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sshhhhhh! Don't tell anyone - More Stash Enhancement

Here's some more of the Sundara Yarn that I'm so lucky to have acquired. Pictures are not quite giving the right color as I only thought to take these at 10pm tonight and I can't stand bright lights, so my house is full of dimmed warm tone bulbs which tend to distort color, but make me feel happier as fluorescent lights tend to make me want to grind my teeth.

I know this looks like the Desert Sage Sock yarn from yesterday (again the lights) but its a light more golden tone. If you've seen any of the pictures of my entire main floor of my house, you'd see that this is a color I love. When you know what you love why fight it.

I don't have blue anywhere in my house, but I love it. Thought I'd try changing it up a little and go with something a little more in the purpley range.

Sundara Deadly Nightshade Sock Yarn.

Just because the sock stash was growing dramatically lately (I haven't posted even a quarter of my sock yarn on Ravelry), I thought I'd go with some Silk Lace by Sundara. I'd really like to knit a wrap with this. I'm not really into foofy lacey things. I admire them and how they're made, but wouldn't really wear them. Hasn't stopped me from knitting them before either. A wrap in a nice dark rich shade in an elegant wrap is something that I could see myself wearing.

Space Odyssey was perfect.

Now, I'm surrounded with so much gorgeous yarn (okay, I had lots of gorgeous yarn before - now I just have more of it) and haven't cast on anything new, because I'm trying to complete lots of UFO's that have been hanging around or need to hit the frog pond.

I mentioned in my post the other day about the quilt I'm busy stitching on for Madison. Here is the piece for it that I'm trying to finish up by tomorrow. I have four more of these purses to sew, before I even start the crazy quilting, piecing and then lots more stitching on top. I have a month to get this done and sent off to be quilted. Can you say P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E?!! However, I do well under deadlines; I can remain fairly focused and will get this done. I think.


JoAnn said...

Very envious of all your Sundara acquisitions! I have 2 skeins before things started getting really crazy with her sales, but haven't knit with it yet. I love all the colors you have. Can I come over and pet them sometime? :)

Carrie K said...

OMG, how cute is that?? I love the embroidery.

All that lovely, lovely Sundara. I'm starting to feel a bit acquistive myself now....