Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay, so it's not Saturday

I know!!!! I said I'd post pictures on Saturday and then didn't. I don't know what I was thinking. Our Saturday was spent enjoying one of the last days of Spring Break with the kids. We played a new video game with the kids (Hummer Badlands - I know, we're pathetic!) and drove out of town to take them to eat - we don't have a Chili's in Wausau and it's one of the few restaurants that has a Gluten Free menu for Declan, so Drive 30+ minutes to Stevens Point for late lunch/early dinner seems completely reasonable.

Sunday was busy with attending a friend's daughter's baptism, church and then quite honestly... lazing around watching MI-5 episodes and weaving in some ends on a scarf (unfortunately not all of them), tracing out an embroidery design for Madison's quilt that is supposed to be completed for her 8th birthday and I have oodles of stuff to do on it. I haven't even gotten to the crazy quilting and all of the embroidery on that. It was very busy earlier in the day and then our favorite kind of Sunday, just hanging out together being lazy. Well, and then there was the issue of my sneaking off every minute I could spare to read a few more pages on The Host. I'm shocked, but I've really enjoyed this book. Push through the first couple of chapters and then it takes off.

So.... pictures of some of the latest acquisitions. Here are some. More will follow on the next post (see, I'm getting very non-committal now).

First up, the second shipment for the Sundara Sweater Club. It's three skeins of lovely Fingering Silky Merino in Ember Over Flame colorway. I love this yarn. Love it. Haven't decided what it will become yet, but am still having fun fondling it and smiling affectionately at it.

Then there's two skeins of Sundara Sock yarn in Desert Sage. Sundara sent these to me after there was a little mix up with the yarn quantities that were supposed to be available and one of the skeins of yarn I had ordered was not available, so they credited me my money, including the money for the yarn of Creamy Toffee sock yarn that I had ordered and was supposed to be available for shipment. I contacted them to say that I still wanted this yarn and they were unsure as to whether or not the order had been sent. So to make sure I was happy they sent this yarn to me. The Creamy Toffee yarn did show up anyway and they wouldn't let me pay for it. Now, if this company didn't already have me hooked as a customer because of their delicious yarn, their wonderful customer service went way above and beyond and how I totally crushing on them.

Here is one of the FO's that was finally completed last month. You know it's sat around too long when you have no clue as to what the yarn is that you knit these socks with. I know I got it from Loopy Ewe and I think it was a Numma Numma yarn, but I could be wrong. Who cares, they're lovely to wear and was very nice yarn to knit with. Just your plain old garden variety sock recipe that I have lodged firmly in my brain and knit up with no actual pattern in front of me. They need blocking, but wanted to finally get them posted. Will try to determine the yarn origin.

Another FO is my scrappy scarf using lots of left over sock yarn. Admittedly this can be quite a tedious slow going project, but once you hit the half way mark, you start getting really excited to get it done. That much linen-y type stitch is enough to drive me crazy after a while. But, it was perfect knitting for watching Season 5 of MI-5. Did I mention I am pathetically hooked on this show. I watched the first four seasons for free on my laptop with my Netflix account and then couldn't wait for season 5 to show up at my door so I ran to B&N and snatched it up. Steve and the kids claim that my accent is now fully out of the box and that they can tell when I've been watching it because the Devonian accent is at his peak.

Although it sounded like I was complaining about this pattern, I must say that I will absolutely do another. I still have lots of sock yarn leftovers hanging about and the fabric this pattern produces is beautiful. A densely woven fabric, that either side is beautiful. To be honest, I think I prefer the wrong side. Of course, if you had a loom, you could probably whip this out a lot faster. Hmmm, maybe I should reconsider that loom purchase after all??!

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Carrie K said...

It's a thought (the loom).

Such gorgeous yarns! Ember over Flame is a great name too.

Season 5? I think that's where I am in the series.