Thursday, April 02, 2009

Back in February I had the opportunity to attend a class in Eau Claire with Elsebeth Lavold. Actually two classes. The first one was about Viking Knits, which admittedly I have knit one of her Viking Knit patterns before and love it, but come on, I was actually going to hear it from Elsebeth Lavold herself. What else would I want to do on yet another snowy, windy, cold day in the Northwoods?

The second class of the day was on Cabled Mitered Corners.

I always find it very interesting to see how a designer/artist of any kind found their "call" and what draws them to a particular part of knitting, such as Viking Cables. Her style of teaching is very brief speaking and then just get down to samples and projects, with her there to guide you. You learn a lot, because there is little initial direction. She provides you with a starting point, and then adds at little teaching moments that crop up throughout the project. She did shock a few of the people in the class when she said "here's a shape, now knit it in cables on your swatch - no need to chart it, just knit it." After a moments pause, we did.

I did preview some of her pieces for her upcoming book that looked beautiful and that I'd be interested in doing one of them. So keep your eyes peeled. The way she whips out books it should be out soon.

The day of class it was a nasty snowstorm, and we had to drive an hour and a half to get there. It was that thick slushy kind of snow that makes you wish you hadn't even bothered attempting to look presentable, because it was wasted the moment you stepped outside. As evidenced, by the picture of Elsebeth and I at the end of class. Don't we both look like we need to go and take a nap in front of a nice warm fire?!
I do wish I were more photogenic, but alas I seemed to not have that gene - I'm more of the "oh quick, they're taking a picture of me, I must look as strange as possible. I wonder how many chins I can make myself have for this picture? or Quick, do that goofy grin that cameras like you to do." Please excuse the moment of vanity. But, maybe my knitting bag should include a mirror. Remind me, when I pack for camp.


Denise said...

I think you look beautiful my friend!!! And you're going to be too busy knitting, having fun and updating me at camp to worry about a mirror.

Denise said...

thanks for letting me know about 'Libby' I hope it all worked out and you can share the info soon. I still have the yarn and would love to get started on this for my dd :-)

Carrie K said...

Oooh, that sounds like a fab class! And you look fine. Glamour puss.