Monday, April 20, 2009


Update: it's snowing! Well, snow mixed with sleet. As I was just folding some clothes and had the tv on, they just had the alert flashing on the screen that our county had a Winter Weather Advisory. But isn't it spring already????? Just to keep us thoroughly confused, it's supposed to be 70 F on Thursday.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to take this all in my stride with some nice sock knitting that needs to be finished up and shaking my head as I look confused out the window. If all else fails... start knitting.

To come tomorrow: pics (sadly a very few, I was too engrossed in the class and samples we were knitting) from Cat Bordhi's class and hopefully Sam's finale.


JoAnn said...

You're right - what a crazy weather week. I finally got my new Cookie A book and Wendy D. Johnson's new book last week. Can't wait to see your Sam!

Denise said...

SUPER JEALOUS!! Did I know you were taking a class with Cat Bordhi? Oh please, details.....!!!
And yes my friend it is spring though you can hardly tell here either.

Carrie K said...

We had snow on our mountain week ago Tuesday but it's been in the 90's - even San Francisco since Sunday. It's supposed to drop today again though. Weird weather. Weirder swings in the temps.

Pics! Pix from Cat's class!