Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heard at the Drive Thru

Picked up the littlest guy from Preschool today and had a bundle of things to do and not enough time to do them and desperately wanted to have some play time with him rather than just ignore him and tell him Mummy was busy. So, I swung by McDonalds with the promise that we would eat it outside on the deck together and I'd push him on the swings for a while. He quickly ordered at the Drive Thru his Happy Meal (which always makes me feel rather unHappy at cheapening my food standards for him, but that's life, sometimes something has to give). I then thought maybe I'd order a salad and pretend to be healthy and following my diet (ignoring fact that had wolfed down a couple of handfuls of oreo's earlier in the morning).

In case you haven't been to McDonalds lately they have attempted to have some healthy choices and have a few salads on the menu. One of the salads was called Southwestern Salad and I wanted to know if the salad had olives on (I despise olives - no, I'm not exaggerating - I literally despise them.) so I asked at the window "Could you please tell me what exactly is in the Southwestern Salad?"

The girl responded, with a blond 90210 duh attitude of "Uhhh, I think it has salad and dressing?"


I thought maybe she misunderstood what I was asking (maybe my accent was a little strong at that moment, I had just finished talking to my dad and that tends to whip out the old limey accent pretty fast) so I asked again "well, obviously it has salad, but could you tell me what exactly that consists of?"

I couldn't see, but I was sure she rolled her eyes and said "well, lettuce and maybe southwestern ranch dressing?"

I gave up and told her not to strain herself with adding anything else to the order.

The smart four year in the back seat commented after we had picked up the order "Mom, that girl wasn't very smart. She was a dumb rock."

My thoughts exactly.

Good news: Managing to squeak in some time late at night to work on Sam. Should be finished with second sock tomorrow.

Bad news: Managed to drop cell phone in Target on Saturday where it was ran over, twice. Still works, if you pound it first against the steering wheel and threaten to flush it down the toilet.

Good news: Insurance on phone, meant new phone shipped promptly to me and received next day. Have cell that works again, all is right in the world.

Bad news: Some arse stole my credit card info and ordered a bunch of stuff online. Spent most of day closing accounts or putting freezes on them. I have their email information though. Wish I knew someone who could send these buggers a virus and mess with their lives.

Good news: Received some traded Sundara yarn on Monday.

Bad news: Dad suffering chest pains and seeing specialist, while his baby girl lives across the Atlantic.

Good news: Dad receiving care and doing good. Just a scare, fortunately.

Bad news: Tax Day. 'Nuff said.

Good news: class with Cat Bordhi on Friday.

This could go on forever. I tell you, a lot has been happening lately. Major Ups and Downs. I feel like I'm on a See Saw (English name for a teeter totter)

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Carrie K said...

I hope it's just been good news since then - especially your dad. He is not allowed to have health problems when he's so far away. Even if he was close.

How was the Cat Bordhi class? Awesome, I imagine.