Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sam, I Am

I know that I have a bazillion projects that need to be tied up, but after getting Sock Innovation by Cookie A., I just couldn't hold on any longer. So last night while the littlest guy did strange and funky things to my hair (I may possibly have a bald spot on the back now from how he was yanking that comb through) I cast on Sam in my yummy Sundara Sock Yarn.

From the past couple of posts you can tell that I've been building up quite the Sundara stash, but hadn't let myself cast on a project with it yet as I've been trying to get other things tied up. It was worth the weight. It's beautiful. The colorway is gorgeous. No funky color splash surprises that sometimes you get with hand-dyed yarn. It glides on the needles and produced a beautifully even fabric. Love it!

As for the sock pattern, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It keeps your interest, but you're still able to listen/watch TV while knitting it. I like that the pattern doesn't continue past the ankle. I usually wear my socks with boots and find patterned feet a tad uncomfortable sometimes.

I completed the ribbing and the set up rows last night. This morning when I woke up and discovered at least a couple of inches of snow outside (yes, that's Wisconsin for you - no jacket weather Saturday and then snow overnight - it is Spring isn't it?!) I curled up in a comfy spot and happily got some knitting done. Now, I have the almost the second repeat done on the leg.

I'm looking forward to trying a few of the socks from this book and also give the designing part a try to.

It was late when I took these pictures and so had a hard time getting the color to show correctly in the dim light. The color is probably closer to the dark/slightly unclear picture below, but it has more sheen to the yarn - giving it almost a silky looking texture.

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Carrie K said...

I love that stitch pattern and the yarn! That's your TV knitting? Proficient puss.