Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesdays with Winston & More

Yes, I've been gone from the blog. We took a little family vacation for some fun in the snow and had our first trip without Winston.

No one wanted to say goodbye to the cute little pup. Just look at all that yummy hair (remember Cockapoos have hair, not fur).

This is how he looked when we picked him up. I think I screamed when I saw him. Ethan announced that he looked like a Chihuahua (okay, maybe not, but we think he looked like he had been in rehab or juvi). Madison is allergic to dogs so he was supposed to be "trimmed" and washed before we picked him up. The groomer obviously didn't listen to a word I said. She did, however, get to listen to quite a lot that I had to say the next day.

While on our trip I did work hard on a project and have almost completed some yummy fuzzy mittens for me, but have one thumb left to do so show and tell before the weeks out.

I've also been busy this week with a couple of projects for samples for classes I'm teaching at the Black Purl. One is the Citron Shawl and the other is the Tapestry Cowl (double knit). Will head upstairs to finish the last couple rows on the shawl tonight and after blocking will post pics later this week of that one. It's such an easy fast knit. Took me around three days. I worked on it while watching "24" DVDs. Love, love, love, that show. Don't you find knitting is the perfect thing for catching up on tv watching?! Somehow I feel more productive that just sat on the couch.

I never did post some blocks I had to do for December and January for the Tethered Threads Block Party. I "heart" paper piecing. I just love doing it. Maybe I should pull out the paper pieced quilt I started more than two years ago and finish it. Maybe....

Here's my dilemma: I have the month of February for the Block Party and I'm struggling to decide on a quilt and need to get everything sent out this week. Do we like this quilt? Any other suggestions? Please, please, please. I love suggestions. I don't want overly traditional. A lot of the quilters around here that I know like to do the more traditional quilt styles, which I enjoy, but want something a little edgier. And what exactly is Zakka style quilting? Questions, questions...


JoAnn said...

Sorry to hear about your bad grooming experience. Where did you end up taking him?

Good luck in teaching the classes! I did scope out the shawls, but it's going to be hard to commit to during tax season.

Love the quilt!

Denise said...

So did she cut a lot of his hair off? it's hard to tell from the photo. He still looks cute and curly ;)
I know nothing about quilts so I can't help you with your block party I'm afraid.
I'm gonna try and post about my Ishbel today. Then I might cast on for another one!

stitching under oaks said...

is that the same dog? still a cutie...and the good thing is you won't need a trim for quite a while! I love the stacked coins quilts...but I'm sure whatever you choose will be wonderful.

PNWBookGirl said...

What about bargello blocks?

The question with Winston is, Does he *know* he got a bad cut? I trim both my dogs so don't have to worry about someone else messing up their looks. My mom had a cockapoo that knew when she got a bad hair cut and would hide. When she had a good cut she would prance in front of the hall mirror and loved the little ribbons on her ears.

Denise said...

That happened to me with my first dog, Juno...I freaked out. He's still adorable but I totally understand how you feel.

Carrie K said...

Zakka style looks a lot like mixed Laura Ashley. Pretty! I'm no help on the quilt idea, I'm stuck on log cabins but I do like that map of the states block. It looks both fun and modern.

Poor Winston! Maybe he talked the groomer out of cutting his hair too short. ;)

marycatharine said...

I really like the quilt you've picked out - what colours would you use?