Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My blocking trials with Pole continued. I didn't pay enough attention to making sure that the sides of Pole were absolutely even (it's hard to do with a circular knit - at least that's my excuse), so once it was done blocking and I tried it on one side hung lower than the other. At the yarn store they said it was hardly noticeable but you know how it is when there is something wrong with your knitting, it's going to drive you nuts. So I folded the sweater circle in half and then you could see where one side was bigger than the other, then I steamed the shorter side to match the longer side. (hope I'm making sense here).

The others at the yarn store said that it was fixed but I still think it's a little off. The real fix would be to reblock the piece but I may try resteaming it first as it's just a hair off. Besides I want to wear it this weekend.

I really like how it turned out otherwise and the color is perfect. The pictures were taken indoors at the yarn store as outside was not cooperating. The fog was so thick that I thought I was on the movie set of "The Others".

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Jessica said...

Yay! It's beautiful.