Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rebecca and Lightweight Pullover

I got around to steaming two projects today. Yes, that's right! Kim, the finisher, has been at it again. What?! Surely you expected nothing less from me these days.

First up is Rebecca which is a pattern by Beth Paustian of Black Purl. This is knit in the wonderful Fiber Company's Organik. Great yarn that I'm thinking of knitting a Rocky Coast Cardigan in. I knit this back in 08/09 but then let it sit, per usual, until I finally seamed it at knitting camp a couple years back. I wore it a couple of times but was not quite pleased with the length of the sleeves and how it hung. All it needed was a good steam, which I finally took care of today. Now, it will get plenty of wear. I'm still wishing the sleeves were longer but the steaming helped a lot. Me and my monkey arms will just have to deal.

Next is my Lightweight Pullover by Hannah Fettig knit in Sunday Knits Nirvana 3 ply which is pure heaven. I love her yarns, they are a delight to knit with. I knit this up this summer pretty fast considering the mind numbingly boring stocking stitch, but it was worth it. It's not the fanciest of sweaters or one that will turn heads, but it definitely is one that will be a go to sweater and will be worn a lot. It's lightweight (no pun intended) yet provides a nice layer of warmth for our chilly Wisconsin weather. 

Now to see what else I can dig out of the bottomless knitting closet.

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