Thursday, August 17, 2006

Knackered from knitting

For those of you who don't speak "english", you'll have to google the meaning of the word knackered. It's an excellent word. One of the few true english words/terms that I have never been able to forget since moving to the US. For the record, some of the others are torch instead of flashlight, bap instead of hamburger bun, rubber instead of eraser, and calling the person driving the car that cuts me off a wanker instead of .... Well, a wanker is really the best word here.

Anyway, back to the topic of being knackered. I should really say that the discussion of knitting theory has me knackered as there was little kniiting that happened at stitches much to my frustration. I loved meeting marji and jae. We had a blast. We knit swatches. We laughed. We shopped. We discussed knitting. We all discussed what a total pratt (yes, another english word to google) that rick mondo-inappropriate-dragon is. He kept going on about drugs and lsd. I'd wager a guess that all the drugs he did during the 80's destroyed his ability to filter his inappropriate thought. He kept needling two little girls about smoking.

Other than that, I loved our time at stitches. Next time i'd take less classes and knit more, but am looking forward to the reunion next year.

I'm posting this from my treo and will have to post much more tomorrow with details of the classy marji and the amazingly good sporting jae. Not to mention the yummy shopping.

'til then - hugs to marji and jae (hope you feel better soon, jae).


Jae said...

I use knackered all the time. Here I thought it was an Ohio word, since I learned it from my mom.
Thanks for the get well wish. I'm playing hooky from work and am settling in with a cup of hot tea. (Notice how we bloggers are never to sick to blog though) :)

Marina said...

That's why I love reading blogs by folks who speak English. Such colourful language ;-)

Marji said...

Hugs to you too. Kids fine? Have they started school or are you still doing the prep thing? Knackered is a great word - and oh so appropriate.

Carrie K said...

Knackered is a great word! Also knocking someone up which evidently means something different in Birmingham England than San Franciso. And boot for the hood? the trunk? Something on a car.

RD sounds like a piece of work.

More knitting! Classes. Swatches can't count, can they?