Thursday, August 03, 2006

She was lost, but Now is Found!!

Originally posted late Thursday night August 3rd.

NOTE: This post has been edited from the original, as I was apparently out of mind when I wrote that last night. A day at the fair and taking meds that night, didn't help in my clarity of thought and ability to filter information. For those, who read the initial post, you'll know what I mean, thanks for bearing with the crazy ramblings.

Also, to anyone who received a strange comment to a posting on their blog - oops! sorry. I will try to be cleared of mind when commenting next time. Please forgive me.

Kimmmm's Back!!!!!

I've had the slew of tests and retests done, only to receive the diagnosis that I thought it was all along - Fibrosis. But now, at least, I have peace of mind.

The cysts are still hovering around and we're debating taking something to help reduce the size of them, but it's nothing to worry about. If they don't reduce in size, they'll perform surgery to remove them. I've had this same surgery a number of times now and find it pretty easy to bounce back from.

I took the kids to the Wisconsin Valley Fair today at 4pm for what I thought would be an 1 hour and a half - of course, that meant in reality, that we didn't leave there until 9pm. It was obviously longer than I planned, but the kids had so much fun. They got to go on tons of rides (as it was wristband day) and are still of an age that they enjoy seeing all the animals. They particulary enjoyed the poultry house, which freaks me out for some reason. Ever since I saw the movie "The Birds" I've been slightly paranoid that they're going to peck my eyes out. Ridiculous! I'm sure they're lovely little things. I even owned a budgie when I was a kid named "Joey" and he was a delightful little pet. So, I was trying really hard to act cool, calm and collected while walking through the poultry house, although I'm not sure I pulled it off, as I about jumped out of my skin when half of them started crowing and making a fuss. My kids just laughed, at the birds and me. At least I'm comic relief for them.

Steve doesn't like the fair at all, but acted much cooler than I did. He even took them on the ferris wheel. I think the motivation of Pork Chops on a stick helped in his eagerness to play superdad.

Caleb was at a friends house, so it was just Declan, Ethan, Madison and Celeste (Maddie's friend). I know it still sounds like a lot of kids, but they were very well behaved and made one of my least favorite activities almost enjoyable. Overall, it was very long, hot and humid, and I was desperate to go home and wash my hands, face and feet (especially feet - note: do not wear sandals to the fair next year). The music wasn't too bad - the band "Little River Band" was playing and were pretty good. I would have preferred to hear tomorrows music act - Chris Cagle.

I was amazed to hear that people go to the fair every year, for each day of it. They say that it's a family tradition to gorge on fair food all week. Ugghhh! Tons of unsupervised kids, lots of litter, it costs a fortune for the crap you get. It's definitely not quite my cup of tea. Yet, the food is very interesting, if not always edible:
Pork Chops on a Stick
Barbequed Turkey Legs (think Henry the VIII size)
Fried Dill Pickles on a stick
Cheesecake on a Stick
Cheese Curds
Fried Twinkie Rolls
Funell Cakes

I have lots to update, but am truly cream crackered so it will have to wait. Before I forget 7 days to Stitches - Woo Hoo! What? Do I sound excited? Knitting got slowed down quite a bit while waiting for results, but I did find my gift from my One Skein Secret Pal truly invaluable. After sitting in the hospital having tests all day monday, plus a couple of follow up scans over the next few days, it was a lifesaver. I sat and listened to a book I'd downloaded that was hilarious. I wanted something light and funny to distract me, nothing heavy, so I chose "Can you keep a secret?" by Sophie Kinsella. The fact that it's british helped in my comforting, as I thought of home and mum and dad while listening. The only side effect was that my english accent would return briefly after listening and started asking the kids if they'd fetch a nappy (diaper) so I could change Ethan's bum. The techs at the hospital did find it funny when I was laughing my head off while having a pelvic ultrasound. Big hugs out to OSSP for such a thoughtful and insightful gift.

Well, I desperately need to go to bed - I'm knackered. So I'm back on the blogging track and will post tomorrow with updates.

Love to all those who sent me well wishes while awaiting the news. It meant alot to know others cared. Love to all the knitting buds I've met and I look foward to many more time with you typing keys and clicking needles


Marji said...

oh it is here. First you posted this to the Tudor Roses board, but when I looked there and it was gone, I thought you'd taken it down.
You, my girl, sound as if you've had quite a day of it :))
I am so happy you are back...and that tests proved you correct in your self diagnosis.
so happy to have you clickin' and clacking again.

Carrie K said...

So glad to hear the good news!

There is no way I'd go into the poultry house. Other than having a hate/hate relationship w/chickens, I have this perfectly rational fear of birds. Prehistoric little monsters (Stephanie's birds excepted).

Fried Dill Pickles??? My arteries blanched.

whurleygrrl said...

it must be such a relief to have those tests out of the way. and go you for being such a trooper at the fair. though, funnel cake makes anything easier. :) glad to hear you're ok!