Friday, August 18, 2006

We were in Stitches - Part 1

Laughing was a large part of Stitches. It all started with Lily Chins class - Darting the Issue. Jae, Marji and myself had her class all day on Friday, and it was excellent. I think we all felt that we learned alot from it. I feel very comfortable with adjusting any sweater I'm knitting now, to add darts, especially shortrow ones. I know, you're impressed. Me, too!

However, I wasn't sure by the end of the day that I could handle Lily talking about her "Boobies" one more time. To be quite honest, I didn't actually think anybody really used the word "Boobies" anymore. By 4pm, I was about to stand up and ask her to call them a different name but thought it might be rude, so quickly slipped out of the class when it was finished.

She did an excellent job of handling the variety of knitting skills possessed by the students. By the end of the weekend, I was a little frustrated at the inability of people to read a class preview/description and what level of knitter one should be before signing up. Apparently, some people feel that if they've knitted one scarf in fuzzy lion brand yarn on size 13 needles, then they're an expert, despite the fact that the class description suggested that they be advanced knitters who have knit at least one sweater of their own design and one aran sweater.

Jae was apparently the muse for every teacher, and found herself being singled out because of her slender (no darts needed) figure. She even had teachers have the class point out why her shirt was too short, the wrong color and wrong pattern, and yet, still came out smiling. She was high on lace knitting though, so that might explain her constant smile.

Lace Knitting seemed to be the "in" thing of the weekend. More than one time, I almost had my eyes poked out with lace blocking pins. It was refreshing though after all the funky yarns of last year and many poncho wearers.

Marji and Jae made the weekend perfect. It was amazing how we instantly clicked and chatted away as though we had been friends for years. My biggest regret is that we didn't spend enough time just sitting, knitting and talking. Next year, I'll skip one of the shows, and some of the classes just to hang out and stitch with the girls.

Well, this has been a rather disjointed post, but I'm hurrying. It's Declan's 8th birthday tomorrow and I've got to get some stuff together for him.

BTW, marji has pics on her blog of our fun time together. I would like to note though, that I don't usually look (at least I hope I don't) so grey and blahh looking in real life.

More to come with details of yarn purchases.


Carrie K said...

I once saw a sweater in a store - surely that makes me an advanced knitter? That kind of thing? lol.

The class sounds great! But what do you have against boobies? Knockers? Ta-tas? Stop me before I go on. Sorry! I'm bad.

I think next year my trip should be to Stitches Midwest in Aug and not the Smithsonian in Sept.

Marji said...

YOu are not Grey! my camera skills def need improvement, but I don't even see grey when I look at those pics.
Happy B;day to Declan.
I"m thinking all the girls who can finish a Tudor Roses project and show up at Stitches next year should have a go at the Student Fashion show. what do you think?

Carrie K said...

Ohhh, that would be fun! Surely I can finish Liz by next August. Geez, I hope long before.

Yarn purchases! Yarn purchases!

DeeAnn said...

Ha Marji, I like a woman that suggests deadlines I can meet! lol

Sounds like all ya'll had a great time, I love catching everyone's reports.

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