Monday, September 15, 2008


The name Rebecca has been on my mind recently:

1. My new project - Rebecca by Beth Anne Paustain of Black Purl Designs. I'm struggled on and off with my yarn choice, which is Organik by the Fibre Company. I struggled with deciding which needles were the right ones for gauge. I struggled with the cable, although such a basic cable. In fact, such an easy cable that I got cocky and screwed up way to early and discovered rather late. One visit to the frog pond, and we were on our way again. Now, just struggling with whether I really like the color on me or not. Will I wear it? Hopefully.

These pics were right before I ripped it out for the first and second times.

2. One of my daughters middle names is Rebekah (okay, a different spelling, the same name basically). She started piano and ballet this fall and has been really having a fun time. Her name has especially been on my mind as I was filling out passport forms, because we booked our tickets to England for the holidays. (excited, would be an understatement).

3. I'm incredibly homesick for a visit to England and booking the tickets seems to have made it worse. Three months seems so close, yet so far away. To ease the craving for England, I've been watching all things British with my netflix account. I have been on quite the run of English movies. I watched a biography on the very famous Daphne Du Maurier who wrote the wonderful book (which inspired the Hitchcock film) Rebecca. Then I rented the modern version of Rebecca (I didn't think that it did as good a job as Hitchcock, but I'm rather partial to his movies). Now, I think I need to reread the book.


Denise said...

You sound sooo home sick. Don't worry December will be here before you know it and you'll be back in your homeland, enjoying all things English. All I want from there right now is clotted cream...yum!

I like the sweater too but completely understand your lack of enthusiasm for it. That's how I feel about my "Fall" sweater right now.

Carrie K said...

December will be here before you know it.

Rebecca (the sweater) sounds like you two have issues! I hope they all work out happily.

I'm in the midst of an English TV boom. MI5, Midsomer Murders, Slings & Arrows. MI5 is terrible to knit to though.

Have you seen The Bank Job? I loved it.