Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back from Falling Off the Face of the Earth

Wow! Those Ravelympic events can really take a toll on a Ravelympian. As I sat up until 4:30am the morning of the end of the Ravelympics, I could feel a monster headache coming on. By the next day, it was an all out mutant migraine. After taking a few days to recover (of course, family and life didn't provide me much of a rest, so it took longer than should be necessary to recuperate), I kept meaning to take pictures of the New Zealand Pullover, but to be honest, I was completely burned out with the project. I'd put on the back burner some family and back-to-school stuff that needed to be completed and it was the last week of summer vacation and the kids wanted and needed some attention.... So, excuses were not hard to find in delaying photo shoots and blogging about THE sweater.

Finally, tonight, after day two of kids in school, the 'cute guy' agreed to take a couple of pics of the sweater. I'm so wiped out still that I didn't bother to look in the mirror and make myself look presentable, so beware of the fairly scary modelling job. He In fact, that's why I'm scowling at him, as it took him five minutes to take a crappy photo. Next time, I'm having the three year old take pictures.

I love the sweater, but am still thinking about ripping out the bottom half of the arms and changing the decreases. They're a little too narrow. I like tighter arms, but I think these are too tight. I decreased every 5th round as the pattern suggests, but really should have gone with at least every 6th, seeing as I had adjusted the pattern to suit my gauge of 6.25 per inch.

What do I love about this sweater:

The short row detailed yoke.

The gussets.

The color

The yarn

That it's finished and that the Ravelympics are over.

Often when I've pulled out a big project I find that I'm at a loss for what to start next. I can't decide whether to start which of the following next:

Staghorn from a Fine Fleece

Drops Jacket in Eskimo 103-1

Rebecca by Black Purl Designs/Beth Anne Paustian

Linden from Twist Collective

Shalom Cardigan

Butterfly Vest from Schoolhouse

DB sweater for Little Princess

Too many choices. Maybe I should finish some of my UFO's.

Maybe I'll just cast them all on.


Marji said...

The sweater looks great!
And, at looking at your list, at least you aren't lacking for inspiration on the new projects.

Denise said...

Hurray, hurray!! Pictures!!! "cute guy" didn't do to bad a job. It looks great and the color really is perfect for you. Love, love, love, it!!! Would you believe I finally finished mine last night at 12:40. The cowl has been a delightful distraction... I'll take pictures today and post later. I agree with you, I love the sweater but I'm so freakin' glad it's over.

Nancy said...

I do love the color of your sweater. Hadn't really thought about knitting this one, but may just have to queue it. The Butterfly is quick...I have one on my Ravelry projects page.

Carrie K said...

It looks great! Poor cute guy. Models are so antagonistic. :)

Drops is the only one I recognize in that list but I suggest casting them all on and pulling out a UFO for good measure.

Hope the horrid migraine is all gone! I was felled by a pretty long lasting mutant one too. Must be in the air.

Carrie K said...

That was a fun search for patterns. Staghorn for you or your bad photographer? The only one I couldn't find was Rebecca.

Marina said...

That looks wonderful on you! Both fit and colour.

Let's see ... that was skinny yarn and quite plain, so how about cables with thicker yarn?