Monday, August 18, 2008

Interview with a Tween

Hubbub (not his real name for those wondering), was interested to hear about DH's interview the other day, and didn't want to be left out. Here's the view of my knitting world according to Hubbub.

ME: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
Hubbub: "The hats you knit me."
ME: What is your least favorite thing about my knitting?HUBBUB:"Whenever we go somewhere you always have to stop at a yarn store."
ME: What is something I have knitted that you recall as good?
HUBBUB: "The scarves that you made us a while back"
ME: Do you think that knitters have an expensive hobby?
CUTE GUY: "No! There are other hobbies that cost a bit more. Like my model airplanes I like or flying lessons."
ME: "Do you have a stash of any kind?"
HUBBUB: "Of what?!!! A stash of change." mum thinks that he has a stash of dirty socks somewhere in his room or a black hole that sucks all dirty socks into them.
ME: Do you know what my favorite yarn to knit with is?"
HUBBUB: "Shetland?!" Okay. I'm pretty impressed that he knew what Shetland was. Still, it isn't my favorite, but am very impressed that he has paid attention to my yarn ramblings at some point in time. Unfortunately, he's never listened to my asking him to search out the missing dirty socks, or my constant nagging for him to stop watching the Science Channel and go out and play or make his bed.
ME: "Can you name another blog?"
ME: "Do you read my blog?"
HUBBUB: "Yeah."
ME: "My knitting blog?"
HUBBUB: "Oh, do you mean like Ravelry?" I'm shocked that everybody in this house seems to know what ravelry is, but don't seem to know what "load the dishwasher" means.
ME: "Do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops wherever we go?"
HUBBUB: "No, not really. I don't mind it that bad. It's just when you're in there for two and a half hours, when you said that you'd only be a few minutes; that makes me dislike it."
ME: "Have you ever left a comment on my blog?"
HUBBUB: "Mmmm. No."
ME: "Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit?"
HUBBUB: "No!!!!! You have four kids. Well, maybe, but not that much. You're pretty anal."
ME: "Have I ever taught you how to knit?"
HUBBUB: "Once. I thought it was okay."
ME: "Do you still knit?"
HUBBUB: "No. I like doing other things. I pursue other hobbies."
ME: "Do you think that boys should knit?"
HUBBUB: smirks. "They can if they want, but it's a little weird."
ME: "How much money do you think I spend on yarn and knitting?"
HUBBUB: "$500, plus, and then some, or maybe a $1,000" (dad chirps up in the background - "more like thousands".
ME: "Do you think that Dad realizes how much I spend?"
HUBBUB: "Yeah. He lets you spend that much because he loves you." (DH was in the room, so Hubbub suggested that I ask him if he knew. He said that he didn't know exactly, and didn't want to know, that ignorance was bliss.)
ME: "Do you remember that for the longest time you were adamant that when you grew up you were going to work in a yarn store winding yarn?"
note: it's true. he was convinced that "a yarn winder" was the perfect occupation. i explained that the pay wouldn't be so hot, so he decided he'd be a dentist and work with his day 3 days a week, so that it could support him and then he'd donate his time doing yarn winding.
ME: "How long do you think I could go without knitting.
HUBBUB: "Days."
CUTE GUY chirps up and says "Days??!! More like hours."


cute guy said...

I finally checked out your blog, it's cool, but you need more hummer pictures.

Carrie K said...

Oh cute! Well, yes, more Hummer pictures would be nice. Ignorance is bliss. ::snort:: lol

I'm impressed that hhubbug knew both Ravelry and Shetland. I take it he doesn't want to wind yarn for fun anymore? Because if he does, how would he like to fly out here for a few hours/days/weeks? I'd return him in almost the same condition. Maybe a little older.

Marji said...

Score 10 for raising a kid that would rather watch the Science Channel than play violent computer video games.
And score whatever to you for having the nerve to ask your dh if he knows how much you spend on yarn and cares. Whoa ...