Thursday, August 07, 2008

Problem Photo Shoot

Thank you for those who have commented or emailed me regarding my poorly constructed question regarding stitch ?orientation ?spacing - oh well, whatever you wish to call it.

I attempted to take a couple of pics today of the minuscule swatches that still remain on the needles. They really don't show the problem very well.
This one really shows the v's upside down because of the gappy stitches.

Rosekimknits asked to see the back of the piece (the extra strings are because I'm knitting the swatch "cheating" in the round.)

I'm letting the pictures do the explaining because I was really in the back of the line when technical writing skills were handed out (pointless waffling - I obviously fought my way to the front of that line).

I'm sure I'm over thinking and over analyzing this, but still... it's bugging me.


Wendy said...

My first thought is that the yarn needs a smaller needle. Are you getting gauge with that yarn/needle? What are you swatching for and what needle size/type of yarn are you using?

Anne said...

I would first try washing and blocking the swatch. (Clean my mouth out - I wouldn't do anything of the sort - I consider it an extremely virtuous day when I even think about swatching, but I'd think I *ought* to wash and block it.) If that doesn't work, try different size needles.

If that doesn't work, declare it a feature and congratulate anyone who notices it on spotting what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Jessica said...

I'd go down a needle size. You don't want "gappy" fabric.

Denise said...

I do see what you mean. I agree, going down a needle size should help. I was getting that on a size 4 needle. The fabric was too loose.

Carrie K said...

Is it back and forth knitting? Maybe you need a smaller needle for the knit side than the purl. I purl more tightly naturally and one row every once in awhile will really be loose on the knit side.

Anonymous said...

I'm swimming against the current here, but whenever I have that problem it is because I am using a needle that is too SMALL for the yarn, for example, making a sock from worsted weight yarn on US#3s. So. Try a needle one size larger and see what that does. I suspect the funny gap between the legs of the stitches will go away after washing and blocking, though.

Kim said...

At first glance, it looks like your tension is different between your knit and purl rows...I'm guessing that you purl more loosely than you knit.