Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Knitters Souvenir

Some people buy postcards, t-shirts or bumper stickers as memento's of vacations past. I'm a knitter, so I always find a yarn store on our adventures and pick a yarn (usually a sock yarn) to remind me of our trip. I also always knit a sock while on vacation that reminds me of our trip.

When our family went earlier in July on vacation to Mackinac Island, I stopped at Mackinaw City and purchased some wonderful Casbah Hand Maiden sock yarn in beautiful blues and greens to knit a sock that reminded me of all the beautiful lakes, skies and trees that we admired on our trip. I'm running out of yarn so I'm trying to locate another ball though, so hopefully that will get finished just as soon as I locate another skein.

This time, when we went on a trip to Drummond Island (also located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) for a Hummer Invasion weekend to Turtle Ridge Off-Road Park, I grabbed yarn, Araucania Ranco Multi from the stash to knit a Coriolis sock that would remind me of our trip. I stayed up until 3am on Sunday when we returned so that I could finish the sock. I like them, don't necessarily love them, but will definitely wear them.

It was a wonderful little get away and we enjoyed all our toy has to offer us. She's definitely not a "Pavement Princess", yet she was comfortable enough that I could quite happily knit away on the sock as we went along some of the less bouncy trails.

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Denise said...

Ranco is one of my favorites. You said you like them not love them. Inquiring minds want to know why? The pattern or the yarn?

Sounds like you had an awesome time. The color seems to match your trip perfectly.